PFF Pick’em: Week 5

Eight consensus picks highligh the Week 5 selections of the PFF staff.

| 3 years ago

PFF Pick’em: Week 5


The up-and-down season continued last week with Gordon and Sam marking high water with nine wins and the rest of the team falling somewhere closer to .500… outside of Ben who had an altogether forgettable showing. With just three consensus games there wasn’t much happening on that front, but we went 2-1 thanks to Tampa stealing away a would-be 3-0.

Eight teams drew across-the-board picks this week, and Sam was the lone dissenter on another, so let’s see how our guys fare with so much agreement going on in Week 5.

GB, PHI, NO, DET, DAL, DEN, SD, and SEA are the popular choices… agree? Any way off the mark? Let us know below.


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staff-gordon neil-face-new staff-steve
Ben Gordon Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
 GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100
 Chicago100  Chicago100  Carolina100  Chicago100  Chicago100  Chicago100  Carolina100  Carolina100
 Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Tennessee100  Cleveland100  Tennessee100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Tennessee100
 Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100
ATL @ NYG  Atlanta100  Atlanta100  NewYorkGiants100  NewYorkGiants100  Atlanta100  Atlanta100  NewYorkGiants100  NewYorkGiants100
 NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100
 Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100
BUF @ DET  Detroit100  Detroit100  Detroit100  Detroit100  Detroit100  Detroit100  Detroit100  Detroit100
BAL @ IND  Baltimore100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Baltimore100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100
 Pittsburgh100  Pittsburgh100  Pittsburgh100  Pittsburgh100  Pittsburgh100  Pittsburgh100  Jacksonville100new  Pittsburgh100
 Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100
KC @ SF  KansasCity100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100  KansasCity100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100
 SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100
 NewEngland100  NewEngland100  Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  Cincinnati100
SEA @ WAS  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100
  Ben Gordon Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
This week: 10-5 12-3 12-3 11-4 10-5 11-4 13-2 12-3
2014 41-35 51-25 48-28 45-31 45-31 41-35 48-28 50-26
2014 Win % 53.9% 67.1% 63.2% 59.2% 59.2% 53.9% 63.2% 65.8%











































  • Matt

    I’m biased but a split decision Giants-Falcons seems odd to me. The Falcons stink on the road, they have a bottom 5 defense, and they lost 3 OL starters in a week. It could be ugly for Matt Ryan & Co.

  • joe

    50% pick percentage without the spread is embarrassing for a supposed expert. Clearly why he is picking the Pats and Falcons.

  • [email protected]

    I think the Jets are in trouble. I was watching their defense and they can’t force turnovers to save their life. They are trying to outscheme everybody on every play. Thats what you do when you have no talent. Its a matter of time before they really get exposed on defense and their offense is a dumpster fire. This could be the worst team in the NFL by the end of the year.

    • JC Harris

      No one is worse this year than the Raiders, but would love to see the Jets there … :-)

  • Richard Light

    I’m a Patriots fan.
    The Patriots have been blown out twice when playing against “not great” teams (Dolphins and Chiefs), and BARELY beat the Oakland Raiders (who are terrible at football this year, which is why their coach got fired.) Their only quality win was a blow out against a Vikings team that was starting Matt Cassell and was missing Adrian Peterson. The team’s biggest weaknesses are OL, WR, and QB (in that order).

    Meanwhile, the Bengals have been arguably the most impressive team in football this year, with blowout wins over the Falcons and Titans, and a solid win against a good Ravens team. Oh, and they’re coming off a bye. Oh, and they have a really good DL and CB corps that should be able to dominate the Patriots’ OL and WRs.

    I’m bracing myself for a potential 24 to 10 type blowout, yet half of PFF’s analysts are picking the Patriots to win outright? Seriously?

    • JC Harris

      Interesting how you classify the Dolphins and Chiefs as “not great” but don’t qualify the Falcons and Titans the same way, who I am sure both the Chiefs and Dolphins would beat. Patriot bias showing a little there? 😉

      • Christopher Joslin

        The Titans destroyed the Chiefs.

    • Josh Knepshield

      Feel differently now? Lol