PFF Pick’em: Week 3

The PFF staff looks to rebound after a tough Week 2. Six consensus picks highlight the Week 3 sheet.

| 3 years ago

PFF Pick’em: Week 3


A rough Week 2 for the entire team as just two of us managed to gather an 8-8 record with the rest falling somewhere short of .500. Making matters worse, we only hit on two of our seven consensus picks and are now just 8-6 on the year in that regard.

But we march on.

This week we’ve got six games that came out with our team in agreement across the board. Let’s hope for our record’s sake that those teams (ATL, PHI, NO, CIN, NE, MIA) have a better showing than last week’s bunch.

Any of those picks way off the mark? Let us know below.


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staff-gordon neil-face-new staff-steve
Ben Gordon Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
 Atlanta100  Atlanta100  Atlanta100  Atlanta100  Atlanta100  Atlanta100  Atlanta100  Atlanta100
 Buffalo100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100
 Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  Dallas100  StLouis100  Dallas100
 Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100
HOU @ NYG  Houston100  NewYorkGiants100  NewYorkGiants100  Houston100  NewYorkGiants100  NewYorkGiants100  NewYorkGiants100  NewYorkGiants100
 NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100
 Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100
BAL @ CLE  Baltimore100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100
GB @ DET  Detroit100  Detroit100  GreenBay100  Detroit100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  Detroit100  Detroit100
 Indianapolis100  Jacksonville100new  Jacksonville100new  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100
 NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100
SF @ ARZ  Arizona100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100  Arizona100  Arizona100  Arizona100  SanFrancisco100
 Seattle100  Seattle100  Seattle100  Seattle100  Seattle100  Denver100  Seattle100  Seattle100
 Miami100new  Miami100new  Miami100new  Miami100new  Miami100new  Miami100new  Miami100new  Miami100new
PIT @ CAR  Carolina100  Pittsburgh100  Carolina100  Carolina100  Carolina100  Carolina100  Carolina100  Carolina100
CHI @ NYJ  Chicago100  NewYorkJets100  NewYorkJets100  NewYorkJets100  Chicago100  NewYorkJets100  NewYorkJets100  Chicago100
  Ben Gordon Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
This week: 12-4 11-5 9-7 10-6 13-3 11-5 10-6 11-5
2014 28-20 30-18 29-19 27-21 28-20 25-23 26-22 30-18
2014 Win % 58.3% 62.5% 60.4% 56.3% 58.3% 52.1% 54.2% 62.5%











































  • Ezzie Goldish

    So it’s Browns’ 5, Ravens 2, Falcons 1? Nice. :)

    • Rick Drummond

      Ha, thanks for the spot. Fixed.

  • Chris B

    You should put links to previous weeks.

  • Mark Mccollough

    Buffalo needs to change their logo to Rodney Dangerfield. They get no respect. It is nice to see a few picking them this week at least. For those who didn’t a couple points about Buffalo playing at home. Since Marrone came in last year they are 5 – 3 at home(I am excluding the Toronto “home” game), and those three losses were by narrow margins against 3 playoff teams from a year ago, and two of those losses were led by QBs not on active NFL rosters this year. They have outscored their opponent by 50 points at home since the start of last year, and have outscored their last 3 opponents at home 87 to 24

    Last years home losses:

    Lost by 2 to New England on a last second field goal in the opener.

    Lost by three to Cincinnati in OT – EJ Manuel was hurt the previous game and didn’t play.

    Lost by 10 against an undefeated Kansas City team. This game Buffalo started undrafted rookie QB Jeff Tuel whose pick 6 at the KC 1 yard line led to a 14 point swing and lead to the loss. Buffalo dominated KC and outgained them 470 yards to 210 in that game.

    With EJ Manual at the helm, Buffalo has only lost one home game, by 2 points, to a team that went to the conference title game. I think San Diego is a quality opponent, but you shouldn’t discount the level Buffalo plays at while at home, especially with a mostly healthy roster available. I would feel much differently if this game was in Sad Diego, and Buffalo has yet to prove they can consistently win on the road, but at home Buffalo is very tough to beat.

    • The Painful Truth

      Take it easy homer. Buffalo still sucks, no matter how much you cherry pick the stats.

      • [email protected]

        Why? What happened in that Toronto home game Buffalo had?

        • Mark Mccollough

          They lost by 3 points in OT. Those games are really a neutral site as Buffalo never had a strong following in Toronto. It was like playing 9 road games every year. I excluded it because no home field advantage exists.

      • Mark Mccollough

        We will see. Did you come no here just to troll or do you have anything useful to contribute? I really didn’t see you comment on any of the actual games. Why don’t you actually back your claim up with sound reasoning and logic. Use your words..

    • [email protected]

      Why does EJ Manuel miss so many games? He’s like RG3 without the athleticism. Not having a reliable (including staying healthy) starting QB is a big deal.

      • Mark Mccollough

        He had lingering injuries with the knee since training camp. Buffalo probably should have sat him earlier in the year and let him fully heal, but after Kolb also got hurt in training camp it became less of an option because they only had two other undrafted QBs with one combined career start. You don’t see a lot of teams winning games with QBs holding those pedigrees.

        • [email protected]

          I mean, is he made of glass? Can he not play with a little sand in his va jay jay? Or is it just bad luck?


    No way Jax wins. Oakland last week, Jax this week. I’m wondering about some of these guys and their picks.

  • SeattleSteve

    I’d go wtih GB and CHI – then again, the jets and lions have the talent to win this week.

  • [email protected]

    Pretty solid picks all around. Only one i’d take issue with is Giants 6-2 over Texans. I wouldnt give the Giants that much credit for home field. The Texans have better football players.

  • paulbip

    Why don’t you guys pick against the spread? No Balls?

    • eYeDEF

      Whose spread?

      • paulbip

        Go with the one in USA Today.

  • NAJ

    Not 1 of you over 60%? Some experts…