PFF Pick’em: Week 13

Our experts are reaching more of a consensus as the season rolls on -- this week they agree on seven matchups, while five others came in at a 7-1 split. ...

| 5 years ago

PFF Pick’em: Week 13

Briefly challenging for the lead a few weeks ago, Khaled has fallen off the pace and has been passed by both Sam and Steve as they get in line to take the next shot at our potential wire-to-wire winner, Nathan. Despite the hard charge from the duo, the lead is still six games for the number-mad man from the Midwest, and he’s probably stopped checking his mirror by now — fully on cruise control just counting the days til this ‘contest’ wraps.

Last week was the first in which we didn’t have a consensus pick to offer, but we more than make up for it this time around as seven teams get the call from all. See any insanity? Leave a comment and point us in the right direction.



Ben John Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
  Ben John Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
This week: 9-7 10-6 9-7 11-5 9-7 8-8 7-9 8-8
2012: 121-71 110-82 120-72 131-61 120-72 114-78 121-71 121-71
2012 Win %: 63.0% 57.3% 62.5% 68.2% 62.5% 59.4% 63.0% 63.0%



  • pat hunt

    I can’t wait for all you guys to be wrong about the Rams. The Rams should have won the tie but officials took the game out of the players hands. The Rams had about 3 different times where they should have won the game if not more then the refs found a way to call it back on very ticky tak calls for each and every single one of them. You also have to remember the Rams would have won at Candle Stick now the 49ers are going to a crazy EJD I’m expecting the exact same game except without crappy officials and home field advantage which is very much the difference in a football game.

    • dave

      On paper the 49ers SHOULD beat the Rams. However, STL is at home, its a divisional game, and a rivalry game. The Rams play VERY tough in these games against the 49ers. Not trying to sound bias but I do think SF will win a close game. SF does have the potential to blow out the Rams, but the Rams pass rush is very good against SF and the Rams offense was able to do some good things against the 49ers defense last time.

      If the Rams run the ball well again, get Amendola the ball like they did last time, get to Kaepernick and contain the 49ers run game they can win this game, espeically if David Akers continues his misses. On the other side, if the 49ers defense plays like they should, and the dynamics that Kaep adds opens up the offense, the niners should pull this one out. If the 49ers O and D lines really step up it could get ugly for STL.

      My official prediction: SF 24 STL 13.

    • Colin William Weaver

      You’re seriously mad at officials for OFFICIATING? Wouldn’t you rather be upset with your team that couldn’t snap the ball in time for the game-winning FG? Or line up properly at the line of scrimmage? Or chickened out with a couple minutes left and the ball, playing conservatively instead of aggressively trying to get into FG range again?

      ‘Cause I’m not upset with the officials, or the Rams, I’m upset that Bowman and Willis played their worst game ever. That our QB changed unexpectedly midgame. That Culliver fell down and gave away 7 points. I expect a different game, one in which the 49ers play much better.

  • BR

    You guys aren’t adding much value with your picks. Home team wins is 100-75 or 57.1% this year. A formula like Home tam wins unless road team is favored by 8 or more would probably outpick all of you. You should start picking against the spread.

  • Colin William Weaver

    TEN over HOU? Maybe, but quite the reach. HOU just due for a loss?

  • Colin William Weaver

    Also, we remember when all the AZ fans tried to convince us that 4-0 thing was going to continue despite lacking an entire OL, a RB, and a QB right? Look, I feel for AZ, they have an amazing defense and have been hit Really Hard by injuries, without which they might be competing for a playoff spot. But maybe we should trust the ‘biased’ reporters who cover all teams, players, and plays in their data analysis, over the ‘unbiased’ fans who worship their team?

    • Bubs Solo

      We still had a QB and RB at 4-0. We lost them both in week 5…but I guess we don’t have room for unbiased facts.

      There is always next year.

  • eleven

    john, forgiving your egregious saints pick, way to see the light on indy and seattle.