PFF Pick’em: Week 12

In an attempt to bounce back from a rough Week 11, the PFF team offers their picks for Week 12.

| 3 years ago

PFF Pick’em: Week 12


A down weeek for the group in Week 10 was most notably highlighted by Gordon’s tease. He left the door open for others to make up ground, mustering just seven wins for himself, but no one took great advantage. Those closest on his trail, Steve and Ben, got one win closer, while Neil and Rick made up two games each and the rest managed to drop further behind with terrible weeks of their own.

Our consensus picks were, consequently, also off the mark as we took a collective thumping with but three of our seven coming home. Back on the horse, though, we’ve agreed on eight winners for Week 12.

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staff-gordon neil-face-new staff-steve
Ben Gordon Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
 KansasCity100  Oakland100  Oakland100  KansasCity100  KansasCity100  KansasCity100  KansasCity100  KansasCity100
 Cleveland100  Atlanta100  Atlanta100  Atlanta100  Atlanta100  Cleveland100  Cleveland100  Atlanta100
 Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100  Philadelphia100
 NewEngland100  NewEngland100  Detroit100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100  NewEngland100
GB @ MIN  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100  GreenBay100
 Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100  Indianapolis100
 Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Houston100  Cincinnati100  Cincinnati100  Houston100  Houston100
NYJ @ BUF  Buffalo100  Buffalo100  NewYorkJets100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100  Buffalo100
TB @ CHI  Chicago100  Chicago100  Chicago100  Chicago100  Chicago100  Chicago100  Chicago100  Chicago100
 seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100  seattleNEW100
 SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100  SanDiego100
MIA @ DEN  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100  Denver100
 SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100  SanFrancisco100
 Dallas100  Dallas100  NewYorkGiants100  Dallas100  NewYorkGiants100  Dallas100  Dallas100  NewYorkGiants100
 NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100  Baltimore100  NewOrleans100  NewOrleans100
  Ben Gordon Khaled Nathan Neil Rick Sam Steve
This week: 13-2 13-2 10-5 12-3 12-3 14-1 12-3 10-5
2014 118-57-1 125-50-1 109-66-1 108-67-1 114-61-1 115-60-1 110-65-1 116-59-1
2014 Win % 67.5% 71.5% 62.4% 61.8% 65.2% 65.8% 63.0% 66.4%











































  • Paul Yarmoluk

    Lions with the upset. Suh and Ansah are going to have Brady looking over his shoulder all game.

  • eYeDEF

    Hard to see anyone making up much ground on Gordon this week. Everyone except khaled will have to dig themselves out of a hole already for taking the chiefs. I also like khaled’s decision to take the jets since the game is going to be played on a neutral field within the climate controlled comfort of a dome the jets have a real chance for an upset coming off their bye. Vick should have gotten plenty of reps in with an extra week of practice to get on the same page as Percy, and it gave Morhinweg. extra needed time on how best to scheme both Vick and Percy into the offense. The dome turf should help Percy have one of his boom games that a player like him is bound to have because he’s definitely DUE. But then khaled’s continued unhealthy affinity for the Giants looks like it might be his undoing again. He also has far more confidence that Stafford won’t revert to what he looked like last week than I do when he’ll try to steal one from Brady at his house. Hard to see that happening though their defense could come through I’d feel better if Fairly were healthy. Khaled doesn’t happen to be a NY homer is he? It looks like he wears some obstructive homer tinted glasses on his picks that ends up neutering his progress.

    Ben’s got no shot of making up any ground from 2nd place either, even if the browns come through for him. With Josh Gordon back i like their chances for an upset in Atlanta. I’m also surprised no one took a chance on the revived rams against the sinking chargers. I think they’ve got a better shot at an upset than the Giants.