PFF NFL power rankings for Week 7

The Packers and Patriots remain atop our power rankings headed into the seventh week of play.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

PFF NFL power rankings for Week 7

In preparation for NFL Week 7, here are the updated PFF power rankings. This week, the rankings are presented alongside an interesting piece of information about a running back on each team. (Only running backs with 20 or more carries were considered, unless stated otherwise.)

1. Green Bay Packers

When there are only four defensive backs on the field, James Starks averages 6.8 yards per carry, the best rate in the league.

2. New England Patriots

Only one of Dion Lewis’ 40 carries has gone for a loss this year. That’s a rate of 2.5 percent, lowest in the league.

3. Cincinnati Bengals

Giovani Bernard has run for 5 or more yards on 40 of his 77 carries. He is the only running back to have 5 or more yards on over half of his carries.

4. Carolina Panthers

Jonathan Stewart has had 21 players miss tackles on his carries this year, second-most in the league.

5. Denver Broncos

When C.J. Anderson has rushed to the left or right end, he had 10 yards on 12 carries. When Ronnie Hillman has run to the left or right end, he has 120 yards on 13 carries.

6. Atlanta Falcons

No running back has more yards on pitch plays than Devonta Freeman at 93. He’s done that on 17 carries, which is seven more than any other back. Tevin Coleman has the third-most pitches received at nine, and he has 52 yards on those carries.

7. Arizona Cardinals

David Johnson has rushed for 7 or more yards on 38.1 percent of his carries, the highest rate in the league. No other back is above 30 percent.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers

When DeAngelo Williams faces five defensive backs, he averages 5.4 yards per carry; when he faces four he, averages just 0.7. On the flip side, Le’Veon Bell averages 6.4 yards per carry when facing four defensive backs, while only averaging 3.3 when facing five defensive backs.

9. Minnesota Vikings

Adrian Peterson has 13 carries within 10 yards of the goal line, tied for the most in the league. However, he’s managed just one touchdown and has -6 total yards on such plays.

10. New York Jets

On inside zone plays, Chris Ivory has 204 yards on 34 carries with two touchdowns. His 204 yards are second-most in the league on inside zone plays.

11. Philadelphia Eagles

Ryan Mathews has 3 or more yards after contact on 51 percent of his carries. He is the only one in the league to have over 50 percent.

12. Buffalo Bills

LeSean McCoy has run the ball 60 times this year, and 15 times he’s lost yards on his carries. That rate of 25 percent is the second-highest in the league.

13. Seattle Seahawks

On 42.6 percent of Marshawn Lynch’ carries, the first defender to contact him is not the man to tackle Lynch. That is the highest rate in the league.

14. Indianapolis Colts

No running back has carried the ball more on power plays than Frank Gore, at 31. On those carries, he has a league-leading 159 yards.

15. Dallas Cowboys

No running back has run for nearly as many yards as Joseph Randle in the first quarter of games. He has 196 yards on 37 carries and two touchdowns. No running back has more than 150 first-quarter yards.

16. Oakland Raiders

Latavius Murray has rushed for roughly the same number of carries in 2014 and 2015 (82 to 81), yet he has doubled the number of defenders who have missed tackles on him from six to 12.

17. Houston Texans

One in every three of Arian Foster’s carries has not gained positive yards this year. That is the third-worst rate in the league.

18. New York Giants

Of all the running backs with 20 or more carries, Shane Vereen is the only one to face five or more defensive backs on 100 percent of his carries.

19. Cleveland Browns

Isaiah Crowell has only forced 0.08 players to miss tackles on him per attempt, the second-lowest among running backs with 70 or more carries.

20. St. Louis Rams

In the fourth quarter, Todd Gurley has 179 yards on 16 carries. That is the second-highest yardage total in the fourth quarter in the league.

21. Baltimore Ravens

Justin Forsett has 14 carries when it’s 2nd- or 3rd-and-1. He has converted 11 of those into first downs. No other back has more than 11 attempts, or more than eight conversions.

22. Tennessee Titans

Dexter McCluster averages 6.6 yards per attempt on his first down carries, the second-highest rate in the league.

23. Kansas City Chiefs

Jamaal Charles’ replacement, Charcandrick West, has 3 or more yards after contact on just two of his 21 carries. That’s a rate of 9.5 percent, the lowest rate in the league.

24. New Orleans Saints

Halfback Mark Ingram has run the ball six times on 3rd-and-1 or 3rd-and-2, and has converted five of those attempts into first downs. That is the best conversion rate for those with six or more carries.

25. Jacksonville Jaguars

No rookie has more rushing attempts this season than T.J. Yeldon, at 81. He also has the most snaps, at 258, despite missing the Jaguars’ last game.

26. Miami Dolphins

When Lamar Miller runs to the gaps directly to the left or right of the LT, he has 12 yards on 11 carries. When running to the same gaps relative to the RT, he has 90 yards on 15 carries.

27. Washington

Washington has run Matthew Jones between the guards 19 times this year, and on those carries, he has just 26 yards. That average of 1.37 is the worst for those with at least 10 carries down the middle. On the other hand, Alfred Morris has 4.17 yards per carry up the middle.

28. San Francisco 49ers

Carlos Hyde has run with the ball four times within 5 yards to go for a touchdown. One of those went for a touchdown, but the other three were for a loss, for a combined -12 yards.

29. Chicago Bears

Matt Forte has 126 rushing attempts, 20 more than any other back. Due to his high number of attempts, he leads the league in rushing yards at 507.

30. San Diego Chargers

The player with the most rushing yards on draw plays is Melvin Gordon with 106 on 15 carries. The player with the second-most yards is Danny Woodhead, at 79 on 17 carries. No other back in the league has more than 50 yards or more than 10 carries on draw plays.

31. Detroit Lions

Halfback Joique Bell has rushed for 2 or more yards on just 20 percent of his carries. Every other running back has 2 or more yards on 49 percent of their carries.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Doug Martin has two carries from the 1-yard line; both were for touchdowns. He is one of only three players with more than one carry and a perfect touchdown conversion rate in that scenario.


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  • JamesT

    This makes a lot more sense than that idiot at espn.

    • JT

      It was like a sad joke of how the Cardinals moved up to 4 after losing to the Steelers having Landry and Vick in for each half. It makes it even less logical when the Steelers moved down and the Bengals get jumped by a team that lost to the Steelers 3rd stringer when they handled the Bills in Buffalo.

  • gary grimes

    So the Dolphins (just this week) crush the Titans 38-10 in a convincing road win, and have a better win/loss record, but are still ranked 4 spots lower than the Titans. Yeah, these grades are awesome.

    • Jack

      I think they are rated lower because we only showed dominance that one game. Two games in a row and I think we will see a significant jump. No doubt we are definitely better than the Titans. Our numbers are being skewed by those first four games right now.

  • gary grimes

    The TB Buc’s, with a .400 percentage winning record, better than 13 other teams, are ranked as the worst team in the league. Pretty much sums up what I think of these BS rankings.

    • Eric

      What’s the point of doing any analysis, if all you want them to do is rank teams by win percentage? Football, more than any other sport, tells you very little from win percentage. Two close wins over bad teams and two losses to bad teams, including one complete blowout, tells us, at least, that TB is worse than their record.

      • gary grimes

        I don’t want them to ONLY rank them by their W/L record, but when they’ve won 40% of their games played, and have a better win/loss record than 13 out of 32 teams, then it’s really kind of weird to have them ranked dead last. Especially when they’ve beaten two of those teams. On the flip side, why do they have all five unbeaten teams ranked first if the W/L records don’t matter? Do they just happen to also have the best metrics? W/L records kind of go hand in hand with how good a team is – yeah, there will be some anomalies, but ranking a .400 team last is a bit of a stretch IMO.

        • Trey

          I agree with you. This is some crap. NOBODY else has the bucs ranked last on these power rankings.

          • gary grimes

            Thanks Trey.

          • jody

            Bucs suck. Thanks for ruining the thread.

        • Nik Hildebrand

          You make a very insistent point. I’m beginning to think that the Bucs should be in the top 5.

    • crashby89

      Buc’s suck and have one of the least talented teams right now. They beat the Saints with an injured Brees and the Jags. They lost to the freaking Texans.

      • JT

        I think his point is that they beat those said teams…..have 2 wins and the Brees point is moot the Bucs are the ones who injured him since he was healthy before the game.

        • crashby89

          But they still are one of the least talented teams in the NFL. Brees point is valid because we dont know when he was hurt. If it was early in the game then it could have had a big impact.

          • gary grimes

            They’ve still won two of their five games played, and have a better win/loss record than thirteen other teams, so I really have a hard time agreeing that they are the worst team in the league.

          • jody

            Who cares? Your team is 2-3, five games into the season – get a grip. Your team is irrelevant at this point. Please move on to something worth talking about.

          • gary grimes

            Jody: first off, the Bucs aren’t my team. Second, i’m discussing the thread topic. If you don’t like the topic, why are you here?

          • crashby89

            I understand that. I don’t think that you understand this is not just ordered by win loss. Talent wise, which is the main basis for a power ranking, I would struggle to say any other team is worse off than the Bucs right now. They beat the Saints but the Saints have more talent and there is the question of the Brees injury. They beat the Jags and while both are young teams the Jags young players look better than the Bucs young players. Lions only have 1 win but again they are a more talented team.

          • gary grimes

            I understand, I just don’t agree. Time will tell. :-)

          • JT

            I don’t get the devoid of talent point….Mccoy, David, Evans, and Jackson are more talented than all players on some teams like the Jaguars…..They aren’t exactly a terrible talent team especially at WR. I’m a Panthers fan but the Bucs have some REALLY talented players.

        • gary grimes

          Exactly JT. They Bucs have won two of five games they’ve played, they’ve beaten teams ranked above them, and they have a better win/loss record than thirteen other teams in the league, so I don’t really understand how the Bucs can be ranked dead last. This pretty much invalidates this entire ranking IMO.

    • D orothy Conrad

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    • corners

      you know i think there are only 10 teams with winning records in the nfl right now.

      • gary grimes

        OK, so how is that a valid reply to my comment? I was talking about teams with WORSE records than the Bucs. There are 13 teams with a worse win/loss record than the Bucs. So my question is, how can they be dead last when thirteen teams have worse W/L records than them? What does the ten teams with winning records have to do with that???

    • jody

      Your team has a .400 winning percentage – you should be happy with any ranking they give you above last…

  • robkw

    PFF: How come Miami, which beat Tennessee decisively, is ranked way below Tennessee?
    Why isn’t it ranked ahead of Tennessee?

  • Tim

    No way GB is over New England. Their strength of victory is a pathetic .314 and they have not beaten a single winning team. Denvers SOV is sub .300.

    And Niners ranked lower than the ravens?

    Ok, its official… ALL “Power Rankings” are garbage.

    • Kevin

      IDK. GB has a much better defense IMO. The Packers offense has been struggling but have been decimated by injuries in recent weeks. Missing their #1 WR for the year, #2 is hurt and doubled every play, #3 is out, #4 was picked up off waivers, and #5 was injured in the 1st last Sunday. Then consider their OL has been banged up and has missed a bunch of games and Eddie Lacy has been dealing with an injury that has completely neutralized him. This offense will most likely become one of the more dominant offenses in the NFL again after their Bye this week and they get healthy.

      As for the defense, This is one of the better units in the NFL. Their pass rush has been one of the best in the NFL, their run def is very underrated and has shut down some very good backs this year, and their secondary is young and only getting better. They have playmakers at every level and have proven they can win games for this team.

      If both teams make it to the SB like a lot of people think. I guess we will find out which is the better team.

    • Realist

      I agree, not as impressive as running up the score on the Jaguars, having to battle the Brandon Weeden led Cowboys, barely squeaking by a below average colt’s squad (that shot themselves in the foot repeatedly during the game)…

    • jody

      Beat it, homer…

  • Bob Grush

    These rankings as i understand it is based on how the players rank…not wins and loses…this makes this an interesting way to rank…for example Miami for 4 weeks was pretty bad on the field and how most of their players ranked…one good game does not turn around 4 bad ones….I like it

  • Alfredo Cota

    “Washigton” smh

  • Zack23

    Where’s my favorite team? Too low. This site sucks!!!

  • ImperishablePhantasm

    danggg, even PFF isn’t using the word “Redskins”? :p

  • crosseyedlemon

    Bills and Colts have the same record but one of these teams is in a division with cupcakes. Should be more separation between those two teams in the rankings.

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    Good list. The Dolphins will jump to #10 after Thursday night.