PFF NFL power rankings for Week 4

The Packers and Patriots top our power rankings headed into the fourth week of play.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

(AP Photo/Winslow Townson)

PFF NFL power rankings for Week 4

In preparation for NFL Week 4, here are the PFF power rankings. Each team-rank includes an interesting statistic worth noting before kickoff on Thursday.

1. Green Bay Packers

Left guard Josh Sitton has not allowed a pressure in each of his last five games; the longest streak of his career.

2. New England Patriots

Tight end Rob Gronkowski is known for his receiving, but his run block grade of +4.8 is the best for all tight ends so far this year.

3. Denver Broncos

While Aqib Talib and Chris Harris have both been having great seasons, Bradley Roby as the nickel cornerback has the lowest yards per coverage snap at 0.21. On 76 coverage snaps he’s only allowed three catches for 10 yards, 5 yards and 1 yard.

4. Cincinnati Bengals

There were only six games last year where Geno Atkins has multiple stops in the same game. In all three games this year he’s had two or more stops.

5. Arizona Cardinals

When Carson Palmer has thrown to Larry Fitzgerald, he’s had an NFL passer rating of 155.8 which is the best for a quarterback receiver duo with at least 15 targets. Fitzgerald is also the receiver with the most receptions (23) with no drops.

6. Seattle Seahawks

The defensive tackle with the highest pass rushing productivity this season is Jordna Hill at 12.2. He has one hit and five hurries on 37 pass rushes.

7. Atlanta Falcons

There were only two games last year where Jake Matthews played the entire game, didn’t allow a sack or hit, and allowed one or fewer hurries. That has been true for all three games so far this year. His pass blocking efficiency of 99.4 leads all offensive tackles.

8. Kansas City Chiefs

Justin Houston is known for his pass rushing, but he also leads all 3-4 outside linebackers in run stop percentage at 14.3 percent. His ten run stops are four more than anyone else at the position.

9. Indianapolis Colts

Inside linebacker D’Qwell Jackson leads the position in both total run stops as well as run stop percentage with 14 and 17.7 respectively.

10. Carolina Panthers

Only two cornerbacks have been targeted 20 or more times and have yet to allow a pass for more than 16 yards. Those two are Josh Norman and Bene Benwikere.

11. Dallas Cowboys

The quarterback who has the highest accuracy percentage so far this season is Brandon Weeden at 90.9 percent. He has completed 29 of his 33 passes, with one of those four incompletions being a drop.

12. Pittsburgh Steelers

Defensive end Stephon Tuitt only had seven sacks and hits last year on 288 pass rushes. This year he has already nearly matched it with six sacks and hits, and how done so on just 103 pass rushes.

13. Buffalo Bills

When Ronald Darby has been targeted, opposing quarterbacks have had an NFL passer rating of 31.8; the lowest for a cornerback who has been targeted ten or more times.

14. New York Jets

In 2014 Nick Mangold led all centers in Pass Blocking Efficiency at 99.0. In 2015 he is again leading it for all centers with at least 50 pass blocks at 99.4. He has not allowed a sack or hit this year, and has allowed just one hurry.

15. Philadelphia Eagles

When Kiko Alonso has been targeted, opposing quarterbacks have had an NFL passer rating of 33.3 which is the lowest rate for inside linebackers.

16. New York Giants

Nearly half of kickers are perfect on field goal attempts so far this year, but Josh Brown is the only one to attempt nine kicks this years and make all nine.

17. Minnesota Vikings

The kicker with the highest average length on kickoffs is Blair Walsh at 74.5 yards per kickoff.

18. Oakland Raiders

The receiver that leads the league in yards after the catch is Amari Cooper at 176.

19. Baltimore Ravens

Steve Smith has had eight players miss tackles on him on his receptions which leads the league.

20. San Diego Chargers

Quarterback Philip Rivers has had 17 drop backs on play-action passes. All 17 have led to completed passes, and two went for touchdowns.

21. St. Louis Rams

In 2014 Aaron Donald had four or more stops in only two games. In all three games this year he’s had four or more stops.

22. Miami Dolphins

One of the surprises for the Dolphins this season is how many snaps Rishard Matthews has had this season. He has been playing well with those snaps; as his 2.91 yards per route run is eighth-most for all wide receivers.

23. New Orleans Saints

Quarterback Luke McCown has a perfect accuracy percentage under pressure so far. He’s completed five of six passes, with the sixth pass being an accurate pass dropped by his receiver.

24. Tennessee Titans

Jurrell Casey has a pass rushing productivity of 15.8 which is the best for all 3-4 defensive ends.

25. Houston Texans

Cornerback Johnathan Joseph has allowed a catch rate of 34.6 percent which is the lowest for cornerbacks who have been targeted more than 15 times.

26. Detroit Lions

There are only three 4-3 outside linebackers with at least a +1.0 grade in both coverage and run defense. Those three are Sean Lee, K.J. Wright, and the Lions Josh Bynes.

27. Cleveland Browns

Safety Donte Whitner has nine runs stops which is tied for the most among all safeties. His run-stop percentage of 9.6 is tied for the best among safeties with at least 40 run defense snaps.

28. Jacksonville Jaguars

The receiver with the second-most receiving yards on deep passes is Allen Robinson. He’s caught five passes on 11 targets for 198 yards and five touchdowns.

29. Washington

Rookie receiver Jamison Crowder has been targeted eight times this season. All eight of those targets were caught for 52 yards. He is the receiver with the most targets and a 100 percent catch rate.

30. Chicago Bears

The inside linebacker with the most tackles with no missed tackles is Christian Jones at 19. The inside linebackers with the second most tackles with no missed tackles is Shea McClellin.

31 . San Francisco 49ers

Carlos Hyde has had four or more players miss tackles on his carries in each of his last three games. Frank Gore has only had three of those games over his last 24 games.

32. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Guard Logan Mankins is going on eight straight games allowing one or fewer pressures and a positive pass block grade in each game.

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  • crosseyedlemon

    So basically what we are learning is that any team Lovie Smith gets connected with is headed for the south end of this list.

  • Michael James

    Tuitt is a beast.

  • Kirk

    Did anyone read this before it was posted? There are a bunch of errors…”Allen Robinson has 5 TD Catches? Really? That really takes away from the credibility of the site.

    • Jaguars28

      Lol, I noticed that. He doesn’t even have 5 career touchdown catches.

    • enai D

      Unfortunately that seems to becoming a pattern with PFF’s articles- not the first blatant statistical error I’ve come across (they also mixed up Adrian Peterson’s week 2 and week 3 stats in another article).

  • Kellan Weyer

    For all the complaining I did on the last version, I think this week’s ranking is spot on. My only gripe is the Colts being too high. Middle of the pack would be appropriate for them.

    • Todd

      It’s interesting that some find the rank of Luck too low at the start of the season but find the overall rank of the Colts too high. Here’s PFF to help us keep it all in perspective.

      What would help me is a better understanding of the criteria for the PFF power rank. For example, Houston’s low rank is appropriate for its first 3 games, but does it factor in the anticipated return of Arian Foster?

      While the random facts are interesting, I would find it helpful if the power rank comments included whether each team’s rank went up, down or remained the same- with the primary reason(s) for change in rank explained.

      • Kellan Weyer

        Totally agree, that would be awesome.

  • LechlerFan

    “The receiver that leads the league in yards after the catch is Amari Cooper at 176…” and yet they have him ranked as the 78th best WR in the league. He’s 7th in total yards among WRs, and while that doesn’t necessarily make him 7th best, it sure as heck doesn’t make him 78th. No one has any respect for the PFF grading system except people who snag a random stat that supports their article/argument, without looking closer at the grades overall.

    • mutzki

      Their rating system is garbage. And these new articles and rankings to beg for clicks are becoming more and more garbage too.

      • enai D

        Agreed, the free public articles are pretty terrible, alot of them contain basic and obvious errors (i.e. statistical- amateur hour stuff like listing a players week 2 stats as his week 3 stats)

        • crosseyedlemon

          Complaining about something you get for free? I guess that’s typical of a lot of people these days isn’t it. And of course none of the critics would ever make a statistical error in their life either….lol.

      • corners

        “Their rating system is garbage. And these new articles and rankings to beg for clicks ”

        And yet, here you are.

        • mutzki

          Sad isn’t it?

    • Matt

      Dude they freaking have Bridgewater in their top 10 QB list!!! What is this

    • crosseyedlemon

      Now stay calm. The Raiders are on a 2 game win streak and probably haven’t been this high on the list since Stabler last played. Enjoy the upside while you can.

    • Nik Hildebrand

      “No one has any respect for the PFF grading system …”

      You don’t like their system, so nobody else does (unless they’re a cherry-picking jerk)? Please, tell me more. Do you have a newsletter to which I can subscribe?

    • Zack23

      “Except people who snag a random stay that supports their article/argument”

      Um…isn’t that what you did when you pointed out yards and YAC?

    • Kevin

      Grades are okay when comparing the same position but often times people misuse them to compare different positions against each other and the system isn’t meant to be used that way. I have always really enjoyed their Advanced Stats and will be disappointed to see them go.

      If the grades are matching what your eyes are telling you then the grades are useful to use and half the time I feel they do. The other half of the time I find myself confused on how they even ended up with a grade close to that.

      The whole Aaron Rodgers thing really hurt PFF IMO. It’s almost shocking how much outrage there was over the negative grade he received. Sure the grade seemed way off but a lot of people don’t understand he wasn’t receiving a grade for the 4 or so excellent plays he had to catch the Chiefs offsides or with 12 men. If they were sticking with this grading system, they would have to fix that immediately.

    • John C

      Like PFF …They always seem to do their homework .. Pro Football Weekly went out of business last year and sport Illustrated there is too much golf .. Like reading scouting reports and don’t enjoy all the hype from local newspapers ..PFW had a scouting report every week on an individual player ….

  • Jim Winslow

    The bills should be ahead of the broncos the cardinals should also be ahead of the broncos.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Probably true if just this season was being considered but last seasons efforts are also being weighted here.

  • bobby

    matthews’ pass blocking efficiency leads all tackles? why does he have a pass pro rating of 39.1 (below replacement) in your new “pff ratings” section and ranks 112 among offensive tackles?

  • enai D

    Nice rankings.. The Bears not last? The Vikings at 2-1, after, dominating the Chargers and Lions, at 17 BEHIND the Eagles? The Colts all the way at 9? Silly.

    • Left footed pitcher

      The Colts deserve 19, not 9.

      • enai D

        Yeah you can only rank the Colts at 9 if you’re going by name-recognition and reputation and not actual performance. The Colts have been miserable, but hey, they have a big-name superstar QB so that makes them a top 10 team regardless!

  • bobby petrino

    So the Bills are four spots behind the Colts, yet we had a 24-0 lead on them to open the season, a 27-0 lead on the Dolphins Sunday, lost to the Pats by 8, and the Colts lone win was by 2 over the Titans? Cool website dorks. You guys really analytic’d the crap out of this one.

  • Zack23

    Power Rankings should be like the BCS and not come out until Week 8. People crying about if their favorite team is 12 instead of 10 after 2-3 games is just silly.

    • Vitor


    • Left footed pitcher

      I think they have my favorite team about 4 spots too generous. Alex Smith is an average at best quarterback, KC’s O-line has been exposed two weeks in a row, they have no WR threat after Maclin, and the loss of Phillip Gaines is gonna hurt.

      • corners

        kc doesnt need wr’s, they dont catch td’s anyway

    • crosseyedlemon

      Crying? What (sob) would ever cause you (sob) to think (sob) that I was (sob, sob) crying?

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