PFF NFL power rankings for Week 3

Aaron Rodgers and the Packers top our PFF NFL power rankings entering Week 3 of the season.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Mike Roemer)

(AP Photo/Mike Roemer)

PFF NFL power rankings for Week 3

In preparation for NFL Week 3, here are the PFF power rankings. Each team-rank includes an interesting statistic worth noting before kickoff on Thursday.

1. Green Bay Packers

Of all DT/NTs with at least 30 pass-rushing snaps, B.J. Raji has the best pass-rushing productivity (12.8). He has seven pressures in the last two games, which is more than his previous 10 games combined.


2. New England Patriots

The league-leader in elusive rating is Pats’ RB Dion Lewis at 170.5. 16 players have missed tackles on him this season, and he averages 3.41 yards after contact per carry.


3. Denver Broncos

The Broncos have 13 defensive players with 60 or more snaps this season. All 60 of them have an above average grade through two games.


4. Cincinnati Bengals

Cornerback Leon Hall has a yards per coverage snap of 0.33 when in the slot, which is the best for all cornerbacks with at least 30 snaps in the slot.


5. New York Jets

The 3-4 defensive end with both the most pressures, as well as the highest pass-rushing productivity, is Muhammad Wilkerson, with 13 pressures and a 14.7 pass-rushing productivity.


6. Seattle Seahawks

Two of the top three 4-3 defensive ends in pass-rushing productivity belong to the Seahawks. Cliff Avril is at the top of the league at 19.8, while Michael Bennett isn’t far behind at 15.1.


7. Kansas City Chiefs

After a seven-stop performance against the Broncos, Jaye Howard leads all defensive tackles in run-stop percentage at 33.3. That means that one in every three times there is a run play and Howard is on the field, Howard is the one to make the tackle, and the play was successful for the defense.


8. Atlanta Falcons

Wide receiver Julio Jones has had 59 straight catches without a drop, dating back to Week 12 of 2014.


9. Indianapolis Colts

The 3-4 defensive end with both the most run-stops, as well as the highest run-stop percentage, is rookie Henry Anderson at 10 stops and a 20.0 run-stop percentage.


10. Arizona Cardinals

Even though Carson Palmer has been under pressure on 34.5 percent of his dropbacks, he is one of just two quarterbacks not to be sacked this season. His sack rate of 10.3 percent was third-best in 2014.


11. Dallas Cowboys

Sean Lee is making an early case for Comeback Player of the Year. His run-stop percentage of 20.5 is the best among all linebackers.


12. Miami Dolphins

Jordan Cameron has a yards per route run of 4.12 when lined up in the slot; this is the best for tight ends.


13. Pittsburgh Steelers

Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger already has 406 yards on deep passes on 10 completions. No other quarterback has more than 200.


14. San Diego Chargers

The most accurate quarterback in the league has been Philip Rivers, with an accuracy percentage of 89.6; that’s over five percent more than the second-most accurate quarterback. He’s also a perfect 17-for-17 on his play-action passes.


15. Philadelphia Eagles

The safety with the most stops so far this season is Malcolm Jenkins with seven. This is in large part thanks to his five-stop performance against Dallas (his first five-stop performance of his career).


16. Baltimore Ravens

When a quarterback has thrown at the receiver that safety Will Hill is covering, they’ve had an NFL passer rating of 11.5—the second-lowest for safeties who have been thrown at four times or more.


17. Buffalo Bills

After missing all of last year, Richie Incognito is one of three guards not to allow a pressure this season.


18. New York Giants

Even though the Giants have been without Jason Pierre-Paul, they still have two top defensive ends in run-stop percentage. Kerry Wynn has the highest run-stop percentage for 4-3 defensive ends at 26.1, while Robert Ayers is fourth at 11.1.


19. St. Louis Rams

Cornerback Trumaine Johnson has only been targeted four times this season. He has an interception, a pass defense, a 3-yard catch allowed, and an 8-yard catch allowed. That adds up to an NFL passer rating allowed of 16.7, second best in the league for cornerbacks.


20. Carolina Panthers

The four offensive linemen for the Panthers not named Michael Oher have allowed zero sacks, zero hits, and just seven hurries.


21. New Orleans Saints

The man with the second-best elusive rating is Khiry Robinson at 152.2. Eight defensive players have missed tackles on him on 19 touches.


22. Minnesota Vikings

Only five 4-3 defensive ends have 10 or more pressures this season. Two of them play for the Vikings: Brian Robison and Everson Griffen, who had 10 each.


23. Detroit Lions

4-3 defensive end Ezekiel Ansah has seven stops this season, the best for 4-3 defensive ends.


24. Cleveland Browns

Last year, Joe Thomas had by far the best run-block grade for offensive tackles between Week 6 and Week 12 (+15.3), followed by a below-average run-block grade in four of his last five games. He’s followed that up with two straight above-average games, giving him the second-best run-block rating among left tackles.


25. Tennessee Titans

Wide receiver Kendall Wright has 2.55 yards per route run from the slot, the most for all receivers who spend at least 30 percent of their snaps in the slot.


26. San Francisco 49ers

When Colin Kaepernick has thrown to Torrey Smith, he’s had a perfect NFL passer rating of 158.3. They are the quarterback/wide receiver duo with the most targets to maintain a perfect rating.


27. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars have four players on defense with a PFF Rating above +1.5. Three of them are free agent additions safety Sergio Brown, defensive linemen Jared Odrick, and linebacker Dan Skuta.


28. Houston Texans

Rookie Kevin Johnson has a yards per coverage snap of 0.04, the best for all cornerbacks. In 52 coverage snaps, he has only allowed one catch, and it was for 2 yards.


29. Oakland Raiders

Second-year guard Gabe Jackson had the best game of his career on Sunday with a +6.1 overall grade. His run-block grade of +4.0 is the second-best for all guards in the league.


30. Washington

Offensive tackle Trent Williams is one of two left tackles to not allow a pressure this season.


31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

In a part-time role, Chris Conte has had a strong start to the season. His yards per coverage snap is -0.19, which leads the league, and he has an interception. On 31 coverage snaps, he’s allowed two catches for -6 yards.


32. Chicago Bears

Even though he’s not a full-time starter, Pernell McPhee has remained a consistent pass rusher. His pass-rushing productivity of 21.7 is third best among 3-4 outside linebackers.

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  • Depa

    Steelers should be ranked over romo an the cowgirls

  • Joe

    Huh? Redskins are 30th? I had to check the date to make sure this wasn’t preseason…

  • Joe

    The league’s best defense so far and best rushing offense so far against Miami and St. Louis doesn’t mean much, but?

  • Sam Doohan

    I really don’t know how these are worked out. If it’s just stats then (just picking two) the Colts and Hawks should be lower (good teams with a bad first few games). On the other hand if it’s trying to predict how teams will develop, how the hell can the Cowboys (with their two best players injured) be above the Steelers?

    I’m not even talking about teams being slightly out of order, I’m talking about stuff that simply doesn’t seem to make sense. The Jets have had a good start to the season but they certainly haven’t shown themselves to be a top five team. Putting them ahead of the Cards and Falcons and Chiefs is just ridiculous.


    Look, I am a diehard Dolfan, but # 12 ??? Really ? They stink right now. “Suckage Inc.”
    Lost to Jax and barely beat Skins, two inferior opponents. Putting them at 12, makes me question all the others. Sorry.

  • Limousine Liberal

    So you’re trying to tell me that the Fins, Colts, and Seahawks — all of which suck — and the Jets, Chiefs, Falcons and Romo/Dezless Cowboys — who are all mediocre — are better than the Steelers? Did you watch that game? They put up 43 points in 23 minutes of having the ball! “Here’s the ball.” “Thanks” “Touchdown!”

    We’ll have to wait to a couple weeks to prove you’re an idiot who has no business writing about football. I guess that’s just the internet: any moron with a keyboard is an ‘expert’.

  • spooky shadows

    power rankings absent any methodology? am i in kindergarten?

    • crosseyedlemon

      The intent of power rankings isn’t to prove you have a methodology Einstein would envy but rather to stimulate lively debate – and they are usually very successful in that regard.

  • Kellan Weyer

    Hey PFF, I’ve always been a big fan of the site, but these power rankings are honestly pretty bad. One of of the reasons I’m such a big fan is that you try to be as objective as possible, but as others have noted, there appears to be no methodology whatsoever. My grievances are as follows:

    1. The Jets have no business being in the top 5. They haven’t proven anything yet.
    2. The Atlanta Falcons at 8 for the same reason.
    3. The Cardinals at 10. They’ve been really impressive so far, as were they last year before Carson Palmer went down.
    4. The Dolphins, who have looked terrible thus far, at 12.
    5. The Steelers at 13. That offense is only going to get better.
    6. The Eagles at 15. They’ve looked terrible so far, and are 0-2.
    7. The Bills at 17. Why are they so much lower than the Colts?
    8. The Saints at 21. Didn’t they just get beat by the Buccaneers, who are at 31, in the Superdome?

    There are other minor things as well, but those are the big ones. If I’m wrong, and there is a methodology to these, then by all means let us know. Until then, I’m going to have to assume otherwise.

    • Douglass Pinkard

      I get wondering why, but ASSUMING it?! On the basis of what?! I don’t see a basis for deciding PFF has elected to ignore whatever it is their statistical analysis is telling them and are ranking with their hearts, their guts, or any other internal organ you might name. There are things I find silly, but none of it to do with whether there’s a good faith effort to achieve objectivity. As for sharing methodology, doesn’t that come close to falling under of the category of proprietary information? I mean, if they give away HOW they come to their decisions then don’t a million people immediately begin busting out their own websites, copy-catting what’s done here?

    • crosseyedlemon

      As Jim Mora would no doubt say “Methodology?….Don’t talk about methodology….are you kidding me?
      I’m constantly amazed at how many people don’t get power rankings. These lists are like the “sexiest woman alive” list or the “greatest music artists of all time lists”. There is no secret super science behind any of this or a group think tank doing esoteric calculations to determine the correct order. It’s meant as an entertainment piece only….deal with it.

      • Joe

        Every point he made is justified, he gave his opinion like theseeing “power rankings” are opinion. No reason the Jets are so high, steelers are so low, but some are where they likely should be. Opinions my friend, just like butt holes, everyone has one.

    • Scott Kohler

      The Saints were without Jairus Byrd (Our star FS), Keenan Lewis (Our star corner) , Rafael Bush (Byrd’s replacement), PJ Williams (our 3rd round pick), Dannell Ellerbe (our starting OLB), Jahri Evans, CJ Spiller (the key to our offensive success) and last but absolutely not least Drew Brees (he speaks for himself). I’m not using this as an excuse but this is getting ridiculous and getting really hard to win games. Give us since slack. I think they might be taking into account of Keenan getting back. But, everything else was spot on.

  • JT

    So the Panthers beat the Jags last week in Jacksonville and Houston but are ranked 20th while teams like Miami who lost to the Jags in Jacksonville last week are higher? Was it because they beat your 30th ranked team in the Skins? The Rams lost to that same 30th ranked team and are ahead of the Panthers on top of that…. You have 3 Panthers in the best players at their position for week 2 wth. On top of all that they aren’t even playing with Star or Kuechly on D.

    • Jaguars28

      I agree, your Panthers never get the respect they deserve. Just keep adding to that win column.

      • Brit

        The respect they deserve? They’ve lost 40 out of their last 50 games! LOL….

        • William Beasley

          Tells you how much you know about football

        • Crystal Parker

          And you think you know much about football, huh? I don’t think so.

        • Greg Hicks

          Are you talking about the Panthers? Because the Panthers are 28-21-1 over the last 50.

      • crosseyedlemon

        A guy by the name of Jacob Cohen seemed to do ok for himself without respect. You might know him by another name though – Rodney Dangerfield.

    • Brit

      Did you notice that 0-2 Seattle is ranked 6th? PFF is smart enough to see the big picture. Good teams have bad games. Bad teams have good games. The Dolphins will finish with more wins than the Panthers and Jacksonville despite playing in a significant better division.

      • William Beasley

        I doubt the Dolphins will have more wins than my Panthers and that’s not bias. Dolphins have to go through Jets, Bill, and Patriots twice

      • Crystal Parker

        I totally agree with you. Look at how well they are playing and making plays, and that is without two of the top players.
        And by the way, PANTHERS will be going to Super Bowl 50 this year.

      • Scott Kohler

        They are sure as hell not playing like the 6th best team in the nfl. They gave up 34 points to the RAMS. The team already have a bad offense but without Gurley AND Tre Mason, C’mon. That is embarrassing. The Seahawks are absolutely not the 6th best team in the nfl without Kam Chancellor

  • Jaguars28

    Dolphins are in no way the 12th best team.

    • Brit

      The Jaguars saw an awful performance. The Dolphins beat the Patriots last year. They crushed San Diego 33-0. They should have beat Denver in Denver (up 11 in 4th quarter) and Green Bay (up 6 with seconds to go). They just have a bad habit of losing to crappy teams like the Jaguars. They play to the level of their competition. They play good against the good teams and bad against the bad teams. This year’s Dolphins team is better than last year’s despite the slow start.

      • Dominick

        you’re just mad. i watched the washington game you should have lost.

        • Jack

          Did you watch the second half of either game? Three points scored on us total. Washington had none in the second half. Redskins deserved to lose that game. Don’t try to make excuses.

          • Justin Dowdell

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      • Jaguars28

        Lol- someone’s mad they lost to us, without Julius Thomas, Sen’Derrick Marks, and Dante Fowler!

        • Jack

          Lol, someone doesn’t realize we didn’t have Cam wake or Branden Albert for the majority of that game either.

          • Jaguars28

            Okay- injuries are not an excuse for a loss. Get over it.

          • Jack

            Okay then quite quoting injuries as if you guys would have beat us by more. Accidents happen, last week was an accident. Talk to me in January.

          • Andrew Martinez

            The Dolphins had historically, the worst game played under Philbin. 150+ yards of penalties. Jarvis Landry dropped a critical first down. Branden Albert, Cam Wake, and Jordan Cameron, combined, barely played at all. Jordan Cameron is averaging 4.6 yards per route in the slot. Per route. If that’s not efficiency, I don’t know what is. 2 vital pieces in our offense, and missing one of the best pass rushers in the game is a perfect spell for an upset. That goes for any team. Not to mention, the pass interference call that lead to the field goal.. well, the refs spotted the ball two yards ahead of the actual penalty and the field goal was made by less than a foot. Yes, it was a very unfortunate game, s*** happens. Like Jack said, the dolphins still have the only one of two quarterbacks who haven’t been picked with 500+ yards. It is uneducated to say Tannehill is a bad qb, no one got sacked like he did and was still able to be the 12th best qb in the league and top ten in the second half of the season. He had more completions than Tom Brady did last season, in the top five.. the list goes on. With a solid o line and a good coach, Tannehill could be a top five quarterback in the oncoming years

          • jeff wells

            dolphins and jags fans fighting over who is better…that is good

          • RobPark

            Dolphins fans are grasping its kind of sad. Well we can always dust off Griese picture….

          • Scott Kohler

            Ok guys, if we are comparing injuries I’m sure I’ll come up on top. The Saints don’t have Jairus Byrd (Our star FS), Keenan Lewis (Our star corner) , Rafael Bush (Byrd’s replacement), PJ Williams (our 3rd round pick), Dannell Ellerbe (our starting OLB), Jahri Evans, CJ Spiller (the key to our offensive success) and last but absolutely not least Drew Brees (he speaks for himself). I’m not using this as an excuse but this is getting ridiculous and getting really hard to win games.

        • James Williams

          AND Luke Joekel, John Cyprien .

      • Bruce Wayne

        lol you have Ryan tannehill to a long term contract.. that is all.

        • Jack

          You mean we have one of two quarterbacks that hasn’t thrown a pick and has over 500 yards passing this season? BTW the other quarterback is Tom Brady.

          • James Williams

            lol 2 weeks sure shows that Tanny is Elite.

          • Jack

            James, the argument is about him being a franchise QB. Please try to keep up.

          • James Williams

            And you are trying to justify him being a elite QB after 2 weeks of being in 1 category with Brady.
            He’s not Elite

          • Jack

            James I just said the argument is about him being a franchise QB. I never said he was elite. I don’t understand why it is so hard for you to understand that.

          • Bruce Wayne

            LOL Ryan Tannehill. not tom brady goof keep dick riding.

          • Jack

            Tom Brady isn’t Miami’s Quarterback. Your not very smart are you?

          • sierra8186 .

            Bruce Wayne – please put away your parent’s computer before you get in trouble…and by the way you are an idiot., even for a 10 year old that you obviously are…

    • Jack

      In no way are the Jaguars remaining in Jacksonville.

      • Jaguars28


  • I’m the King of NY

    My Pats should be #1 and we’re winning another ring this year

    • crosseyedlemon

      The Patriots have basically used the Al Davis concept of creating yourself as the league villain. They are enjoying the kind of success the Raiders once did too but like the Raiders of old they are also becoming something of a soap opera which eventually led to their downfall.

      • RobPark

        I think owner lead to their downfall. I miss those old raiders @@

  • Ridgeback

    So much of the comment sections seems to be ruined by fans coming on here and getting upset of how PFF ranks their favorite teams. I guess chat is open to anyone and not only paying members? If you guys would actually read some of the articles on this site day in and day out you would understand a lot better how PFF comes to their conclusions and so on. Please don’t turn this into an ESPN comment section.

    • crosseyedlemon

      Your the only one who seems to feel the section is being ruined by the comments here, but should we really be surprised that a Buckeye fan is the one with the sanctimonious attitude? GO MICHIGAN!

  • Tim Edell

    I’m not a Cardinals fan but they should not be #10th. They are behind 2 teams who are winless and Palmer is 15-2 in last 17 games started.

  • crosseyedlemon

    As a Bears fan I can’t argue with their ranking here….they stink. I am curious as to how an 0-2 team coming off a loss to last weeks worst ranked team gets listed 16th however.

  • Jim Winslow

    1. Patriots
    3. Packers
    4. Bills

  • locdog284

    Cowboys at 11? This must be taking into account that weeden will be the starter for almost half the season.. But so far they have played better with Romo than 11th

  • Thomas Bell

    I’ve read the Denver sentence 60 times and still have no idea what it means. Is there a typo?

  • RobPark

    If GB barely made it by the first two opponents but now had a big game against an injured KC team – is this offense powerful enough to warrant number 1?

  • ben

    are you kidding me. The cardinals should be ranked first

  • titty toucher mmmm mmmm(.) (.)

    this website is trash if they have Arizona ranked 10th.

  • titty toucher mmmm mmmm(.) (.)

    **** this website, and **** all of you

  • I suck my mothers COC

    I suck COCs