PFF Live Chat

PFF begins our first ever Live Chat. Join in and ask us questions.

| 4 years ago

PFF Live Chat

PFF is holding our first ever Live Chat – Join in and ask us some questions:

The Live Chat has now ended, but you can read a full replay of it below

  • John Venerable

    Will the Cardinal’s finally wise up and address their offensive line, specifically the interior unit? Colledge, Sendleina and Snyder are the worst and Chance Warkmack would be the perfect solution. 

  • Sdrasmu12

    The thing I’m most interested in would be further explanations of your grading process. Maybe a video or an an article where you just took a fairly typical play and broke down what grade each player got and why they were given it. The present article is helpful but if you could take the different possible grades (-2, +.01, +1, etc..) and give examples, ideally with video, of what plays would receive that grade.

    Also data about the grades other than just the sum, like the distribution, would be really nice. 

    Thanks for all the great work guys.