PFF ‘Had a Bad Day’ Team of Week 17

While 20 teams have missed the playoffs, their players can console themselves that they wont be in danger of making our 'Had a Bad Day' team for a few months.

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PFF ‘Had a Bad Day’ Team of Week 17

For all the good that we see in the NFL, there’s an awful lot of bad as well.

An overthrow by a quarterback. A blown assignment by a cornerback. A lineman getting beat quicker than a hiccup for a pressure.

We notice it even when the stat sheet doesn’t. Here’s our ‘Had a Bad Day’ Team of Week 17.


Quarterback: Chad Henne, JAX (-4.0)

That audition didn’t go so well did it? Henne was fortunate not to end the season throwing more than the three picks he gave away in an exhibition of careless passing.

Running Back: Darren McFadden, OAK (-1.8)

You think McFadden was happy when Gregg Knapp was relieved of his duties?

Full Back: Erik Lorig, TB (-2.1)

The blocking of the Buccaneer wasn’t up to scratch, but worse still he got himself flagged for two penalties. Not a good day.

Tight End: Tony Gonzalez, ATL (-3.2)

The problem with Gonzalez is that when he isn’t being thrown at a lot, or catching a lot of meaningful balls, you can’t look past his blocking. It hasn’t been up to much this year and that trend continued against Tampa Bay.

Wide Receivers: Jeremy Maclin, PHI (-3.3) and Armon Binns, MIA (-2.2)

Maclin will be hoping that whoever the new Eagles head coach is he doesn’t spend too long watching him drop four balls. Binns didn’t do his long-term chances in Miami much good by putting two of his seven targets on the ground.

Tackles: Jordan Gross, CAR (-4.7) and Breno Giacomini, SEA (-5.2)

In five seasons grading Gross he’s never scored as lowly as he did this week, something of a surprise when you consider it was the Saints he was up against. He was worked to the tune of two quarterback hits and six quarterback hurries. Giacomini found the speed of Chris Long hard to deal with and struggled to get movement in the run game. He’ll be looking to improve for the playoffs.

Guards: John Greco, CLE (-5.1) and Bobbie Williams, BAL (-6.2)

Our two guards combined to give up five penalties between them as well as six quarterback disruptions. Greco had his hands full with Cameron Heyward, while Williams was the latest in a long line of guards to have problems with Geno Atkins.

Center: Ryan Lilja, KC (-2.3)

Lilja announced his retirement not too long after the game, and it was a shame to end on a performance where he got no lateral movement and was pushed about by a powerful Kevin Vickerson,


Defensive Front 4-3

Defensive Ends: Trent Cole, PHIL (-3.6) and Eugene Sims, SL (-3.7)

Sims hurt his team with a couple of silly penalties, failed to generate any pressure, and had some problems with the Seahawks’ read option. As for Cole, his down year finished with his worst performance, generating no pressure and struggling in the run game. Next year is going to be crucial in determining whether he’s on the decline or just caught up in the poor season of the Eagles.

Defensive Tackle: Randy Starks, MIA (-3.5) and Corey Peters, ATL (-3.4)

Neither of our two starting defensive tackles had much joy against the run in addition to getting no pressure. That’s enough to earn them their places.

Linebackers: Thomas Davis, CAR (-4.8), Kevin Burnett, MIA (-3.4) and DeMeco Ryans, PHI (-4.3)

Burnett isn’t the first linebacker in the league to have a rough day in coverage against the Patriots. The remarkable comeback from Davis ended on a sour note with a poor performance, but that can’t take away from his incredible recovery. Ryans was a real non-factor against the Giants.

Defensive Front 3-4

Defensive Line: Darnell Docket, ARZ (-2.4), Brett Keisel, PIT (-1.8) and Casey Hampton, PIT (-3.4)

I’d say Dockett phoned it in with what could be his last game as a Cardinal, only that was a performance we’ve come to expect from him. Less so with Keisel, who was outplayed by Cameron Heyward in a way that suggests change could be coming. With Casey Hampton joining him we wonder how many of the Steelers’ veterans will be on their roster come opening week of the 2013 season.

Outside Linebackers: Connor Barwin, HST (-5.8) and Whitney Mercilus, HST (-5.3)

Houston, we have a problem. Your outside linebackers aren’t big on generating pressure, can be pushed about in the run game, and are susceptible to jumping offsides on hard counts. This was on full display against the Colts and could show up big in the playoffs.

Inside Linebackers: Ernie Sims, DAL (-3.6) and Pat Angerer, IND (-3.0)

Sims had some problems in the run game (two missed tackles), and whenever Washington linemen got their hands on him. As for Angerer, he missed only one tackle but looked a step off the pace, as he has done ever since returning to the starting lineup.

Cornerbacks: Tramon Williams, GB (-6.4) and Nnamdi Asomugha, PHI (-4.2)

Tentative Tramon is what they’ve been calling him after how he dealt with Adrian Peterson at the second level. You won’t see many cornerbacks play as poorly in the run game. Asomugha ended his season quite aptly. A touchdown given up, two penalties surrendered, and an early benching.

Safeties: Glover Quin, HST (-4.1) and Yeremiah Bell, NYJ (-4.0)

I know the Texans like the versatility of Quin, but he was put in some tough positions in coverage against the Colts and the end result was him being a key cog in them missing out on the No. 1 seed. In regards to Bell you don’t often see a safety miss four tackles in a single game.


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  • JJ

    Connor Barwin isn’t going to make much next season.

  • roguepatriot

    I wonder where Asomugha will end up next season?

    • Thumpz

      The unemployment line hopefully…