PFF Goes to College

PFF is taking on a college game each week this season. Which game would you like to see get the grading treatment?

| 2 years ago

PFF Goes to College

PFF-to-collegeHave you ever wished that PFF would also take on the college game with the same analysis and detail that we do the NFL?

We have too, and we’ve managed to bring you the last two BCS National Championship Games as well as the last two Senior Bowls.

We’re looking to up the ante this season with a college game of the week.

Over the course of time, we’ll be doing the entire FBS, but with so many games on the schedule, we figured it makes sense to let the fans decide which games they want to see put up on the site. So every week, please let your voice be heard using the hashtag #PFFGoesToCollege with your game requests on twitter. The game with the most votes will get the full PFF treatment and you’ll get the all of the grades and a Re-Focused article that has become a Monday-morning staple here at PFF.

Here’s a look at previously graded games:

Week 2: Michigan State at Oregon

Week 3: Georgia at South Carolina

Week 4: Florida at Alabama

Week 5: Arkansas at Texas A&M

Week 6: Stanford at Notre Dame

Week 7: Auburn at Mississippi State

Week 8: Notre Dame at Florida State

Week 9: Texas @ Kansas State

Week 10: Florida State @ Louisville

Week 11: Notre Dame @ Arizona State

Week 12: Mississippi State @ Alabama

Week 13: USC @ UCLA

Pac-12 Championship: Arizona vs. Oregon

SEC Championship: Alabama vs. Missouri

ACC Championship: Florida State vs. Georgia Tech

Big Ten Championship: Wisconsin vs. Ohio State

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs. Ohio State 

Rose Bowl: Florida State vs. Oregon


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  • Mike

    MSU vs. Oregon for sure!

  • Tim Edell

    stanford vs usc

  • Mnstorm99

    Michigan and Notre Dame seems like an easy choice to me.

  • filthymcnasty

    Anything but VA Tech and whatever high school they play this week.

  • Pete

    None of them. Keep it to big boy football.

  • Fintasy

    Oregon vs Michigan St

  • Justin

    Can you do Georgia v. South Carolina next week?