PFF Fantasy Impresses in 2012 Accuracy Contest

| 4 years ago

PFF Fantasy Impresses in 2012 Accuracy Contest

The results are in and Pro Football Focus Fantasy has made their mark as one of the top resources for Fantasy Football content on the web.

Of 87 fantasy football experts competing’s 2012 Accuracy contest, eight call PFF their home.

Here is how each PFF expert finished in the contest, which grades weekly rankings from Weeks 1-to-16 in order to find the top rankers in the business:

Rk Expert Name  Site
2 Mike Clay Pro Football Focus
7 Bryan Fontaine Pro Football Focus
11 Eric Yeomans Pro Football Focus
13 Jeff Ratcliffe Pro Football Focus
14 Austin Lee Pro Football Focus
31 Ross Miles Pro Football Focus
37 Mike Woellert Pro Football Focus
41 Alessandro Miglio Pro Football Focus

Note that two of the top seven experts come from PFF Fantasy. Additionally, an amazing five of the top 14 (36 percent) call PFF their home. It’s also worth pointing out that each of the eight PFF Fantasy analysts ranked no lower than the 53rd percentile. Congrats to Jody Smith of Gridiron Experts, who took the overall title by 0.3% over PFF Fantasy’s Mike Clay.

Check out the final weekly recap from FantasyPros, which includes this blurb about second-ranked Mike Clay:

If anyone needed advice down the stretch, there was arguably no better expert to seek out than Mike Clay (Pro Football Focus). Clay delivered the best end-of-season run of any expert we’ve monitored in *any* season (2009 – 2012). He finished as the top rated expert in both weeks 15 & 16 and also turned in top 10 showings in weeks 13 & 14. Besides hitting on sleepers like Russell Wilson (weeks 15/16) & Joe Flacco (week 16), Clay also had his share of correct calls on more typical studs (e.g. Eric Decker in week 16). Those heroics down the stretch undoubtedly steered more than a few owners towards a championship and helped land Clay the runner-up spot in our standings.

Powered by winning the accuracy contest in back-to-back weeks, Clay finished in the top-11 at ALL four offensive positions.

And the impressive accuracy does not end there. Pro Football Focus is the premier destination for the top IDP rankings.

Of 15 qualified IDP rankers during the 2012 season, four call PFF Fantasy home. Here is how each fared:

Rk Expert Name  Site
1 Jeff Ratcliffe Pro Football Focus
2 Ross Miles Pro Football Focus
3 Eric Yeomans Pro Football Focus
6 Mike Woellert Pro Football Focus

That’s right. PFF Fantasy swept the top three spots in the contest. Jeff Ratcliffe (13th in offensive accuracy) took home the gold over 2011’s most-accurate ranker, Ross Miles. Eric Yeomans finished 11th in offensive accuracy and third on the IDP side.

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A special thanks to the staff at for their hard work on the Accuracy contest over the last four seasons.

  • Solomon Chacha

    Nice work guys. Good job coming up with your base rankings as a site and then customizing and tweaking them by individual. Good work!

  • PFF_RossMiles

    We don’t use “base rankings” for the site on offense or IDP and then tweak them. All experts are individually responsible for their own rankings. Having access to the same premium data though does influence our opinions when we see stats for drops, aDOT, route runs etc… as well as on IDP with hits and hurries.