PFF Fantasy excels in 2013 Accuracy Contest

The PFF Fantasy staff put forth a dominant effort in the FantasyPros' rankings accuracy contest for the second consecutive year.

| 3 years ago

PFF Fantasy excels in 2013 Accuracy Contest

AccuracyThe Pro Football Focus Fantasy team has done it again.

For the second consecutive year, the PFF Fantasy staff has its fingerprints all over the final accuracy rankings over at

For starters, Managing Editor and Director Mike Clay finished second overall in weekly ranking accuracy. It’s the second consecutive season that Clay has finished in the runner-up position, this year besting 122 fantasy experts. No participant graded out higher than Clay at the running back position and only two were better at wide receiver. Thanks to his pair of second-place finishes, FantasyPros calculates Clay’s rankings as tops in the industry over the last two seasons.

And Clay’s success is only the tip of the iceberg. Assistant Managing Editor Jeff Ratcliffe finished No. 8 overall, Bryan Fontaine was No. 12, Austin Lee No. 30, Ross Miles No. 35, Alex Miglio No. 49, and Nate Hodges No. 74. You may recall that the PFF Fantasy staff dominated the weekly ranking contest in 2012, as well, placing 5 staffers in the Top 14.

PFF Fantasy is known as one of the industry’s top resources for IDP coverage and the FantasyPro’s accuracy contest sheds some light on why. For the third year in a row, a PFF Fantasy staffer has won the IDP weekly rankings contest.  This year it was Ratcliffe taking home the gold for the second consecutive season. Miles took the top spot in 2011. Hodges finished No. 4 out of 14 IDP experts this year. Miles came in at No. 6.

Daily fantasy gaming has quickly grown in popularity over the past couple years and PFF Fantasy has you covered there, as well. FantasyPros joined with to host a weekly daily gaming accuracy contest this season. Among 59 participants, PFF Fantasy had three representatives. Lee finished at No. 3, Ratcliffe was tied for No. 5, and Miglio wound up No. 24. PFF Fantasy provided daily gaming content throughout the 2013 season and plans are already in motion to expand coverage in 2014 and beyond.

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