1st Quarter of Season Team: Offense

Off to a fast start? These guys are. PFF assembles a team of the best offensive players through four weeks of the 2012 season.

| 5 years ago

1st Quarter of Season Team: Offense

Can a quarter of the season really have passed?

Well, it has (unless you’re the Steelers or Colts) and already some players are standing out.

That’s right, we’ve been so impressed by certain NFL-ers our analysts couldn’t help but gather to discuss who should be on the PFF “All-First Quarter of the Season” Team.

The results? Here’s the offensive side of things and you can click here for the defensive.

Quarterback: Matt Ryan, ATL (+19.5)

What to say about ‘Matty Ice’? Naturally the plaudits are coming in thick and fast after he has orchestrated the Falcons to a 4-0 record, and it shows up in our grading with Ryan ahead of the pack. That owes in large part to impressive accuracy (80% Adjusted Accuracy Percentage), some clutch throws, and some top quality work under pressure where he has still completed 60.5% of passes and earned a +4.5 grade.

Honorable Mention: Tom Brady (NE), Eli Manning (NYG), and Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)


Running Back: Marshawn Lynch, SEA (+3.5)

With a rookie quarterback struggling to get things going in the air, it stands to reason that the Seahawks have been extra reliant on Lynch finding his inner beast and taking it from there. Fortunately, Lynch has delivered and currently leads all running backs with 21 forced missed tackles on his 92 rushes that have helped him pick up 3.2 yards after contact per carry. That gave him the edge over others in a very competitive field.

Honorable Mention: Willis McGahee (DEN), C.J. Spiller (BUF), and Adrian Peterson (MIN)


Fullback: Vonta Leach, BLT (+3.4)

His one rush yielded a 5-yard touchdown, but that’s not why he makes the list. No, it once again comes down to Leach being the most consistent lead blocker in the league… but Greg Jones isn’t a million miles off.

Honorable Mention: James Casey (HST) and Greg Jones (JAX)


Tight End: Vernon Davis, SF (+10.0)

While a stunning performance from Greg Olsen nearly stole a starting spot, the consistency of Davis holds off the challenge. Davis has graded in the green in all four games and is yet to earn a negative grade in any area. His four touchdowns get him the attention he deserves, but so often a hit-and-miss run blocker, he’s taken his game to a new, much more reliable level.

Honorable Mention: Greg Olsen (CAR) and Rob Gronkowski (NE)


Wide Receivers: Roddy White, ATL (+10.5) and A.J. Green, CIN (+10.2) with Percy Harvin, MIN (+8.2) in slot

You think maybe all the attention Julio Jones has got motivated Roddy White a little? Currently at the top of receiver rankings, White has made a series of stunning catches that have kept Falcon drives alive. The numbers really don’t do justice to the plays he’s made. Numbers do, however, do justice to the step forward Green has taken this year. His 3.17 Yards Per Route Run is the second most in the league, and he’s provided an outlet that is making that Bengals’ offense tick. They’ll be joined by Percy Harvin in the slot, with the Viking having already forced 10 missed tackles, four more than any other wide receiver.

Honorable Mention: Calvin Johnson (DET), Vincent Jackson (TB), and Reggie Wayne (IND)


Tackles: Duane Brown, HST (+12.7) and Sebastian Vollmer, NE (+9.6)

You figured Brown may have reached his ceiling after a fantastic 2011. If his start to 2012 is anything to go by, then he quite clearly hasn’t. A left tackle who is averaging one quarterback disruption allowed per game, and who can contribute in the run game, there isn’t anyone better right now. On the right side, Vollmer has quietly gone about his business and is yet to surrender a QB hit or sack. It should be noted that are three left tackles getting honorable mentions, with the standard of right tackle play way down on what we’ve seen in recent years.

Honorable Mention: Ryan Clady (DEN) , Branden Albert (KC), and Joe Staley (SF)


Guards: Mike Iupati, SF (+8.3) and Marshal Yanda, BLT (+13.0)

With a fine performance against the Jets, Iupati takes the nod at left guard. That was his fourth positively-graded performance in a row as the agile big man continues to open up running lanes while only surrendering two quarterback disruptions so far. Yanda may have given up four penalties, but you can look past that with some dominant run blocking. His performances the past two weeks should let everyone know just who the top guard in the league is right now.

Honorable Mention: Alex Boone (SF), Evan Mathis (PHI), and Jahri Evans (NO)


Center: Mike Pouncey, MIA (+10.8)

They may be twins but since entering the league, one Pouncey has, in our opinion, made a far greater impact. That man is, of course, Mike, who more than just helping on double teams can control defenders one-on-one and move to the second level. Right now there isn’t a better center in the league.

Honorable Mention: John Sullivan (MIN) and Will Montgomery (WAS)


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  • JJ

    Why does Maurkice Pouncey get so much hype?

    • Jeff

      Well because he is in the Steelers, and he is the only one who can marginally block compared to the other linemen! It is an embarrassment that in 2yrs he has been a 1st team and 2nd team All-Pro! It is all hype

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1228034464 Jesse Murray

        Yes because everything PFF posts is true. Please. It isnt all hype at all. The notion one website has carte blanche on which player is playing well using their standards? Is fool’s gold. This same site had Steeler’s Dbs as sucking across the board last season. Yeh, brilliant Steelers led league in pass D and that despite having a major down year for pass rush. PFF has decent info but it is not and never will be the definitive go to on all player evals. It shouldnt be, instead use a mix of similiar sites and your own eyes.

        • Matt

          Steelers DBs were and have always BEEN terrible, it’s been the steelers PASS RUSH that does the work. Also I don’t see how you can say not to pay attention to PFF when they literally watch and analyze every single snap a player takes and what he does on that snap. Then again, I’m a Ravens fan, I use my eyes 2 times a season to see that Pouncey is overrated.

  • rafteret

    No mention for Eugene Monroe?

  • AJ Hawk

    No honorable mention for Anthony Davis and the work he’s doing in the pass game??
    But on a serious note all those 2008 Offensive Tackles are balling out
    right now (except Chris Williams), even Sam Baker is playing pretty good
    ball. But With Ryan Clady, Brandon Albert, Gosder Cherilius & Jake
    Long set to hit free agency this summer, Texans are lucky the locked up
    Duane Brown couple months ago cuz the market is about to go up.

    • peter

      agreed, especially given that Staley is an honorable mention, I thought that Davis has been superior so far this season.

  • jwayne111

    look at his #’s in a couple more weeks…still early.