Performance Report – Week 6

Nate Hodges breaks down the top player at each position from Week 6 to gain insights into projection future top performers.

| 3 years ago
Cam Newton - 1st Down

Performance Report – Week 6

Cam NewtonIn this weekly column we’ll take a look at the top performer at each position. The goal isn’t to just analyze the players individually but to identify variables that make up these top performances so we can more accurately project them in the future.

Quarterback – Cam Newton CAR

His Line:  29-46 284 yards 2 TDs, 107 yards 1 TD rushing, aDOT= 8.9, PFF Grade= 5.4

Cam Newton is number 1. At least he is for week 6. Superman Newton turned in a huge day for his fantasy football owners posting winning numbers by land and by air.

Newton’s week 6 line looks nothing like Peyton Manning’s from a week ago. While the veteran Bronco signal caller did all his damage in the passing game Newton went for over 16 points on the ground alone, including a valuable six point rushing touchdown.

I’ve been wondering if this type of stat line is the future of top quarterback performances in fantasy football for a while now. The issue is that we’re still not seeing any consistency out of the types of quarterbacks that score in this two-pronged attack.

Why is this the case? Mainly because quarterbacks who possess ground scoring potential are usually paired with a strong NFL running game. It just makes sense schematically. And that leads to inconsistency in scoring. A high volume passing offense has to be centered on the quarterback and he racks up every yard and touchdown. A strong running game, even with a mobile quarterback, doesn’t equate to top rushing numbers each week for the signal caller.

I do think you’ll see more top performing quarterbacks be a dual threat in your fantasy leagues. But finding one single player who can post top numbers consistently is still a challenge not worth tackling.

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