Performance Report – Week 2

Nate Hodges debuts his fantasy football performance report where he looks at indicators that lead to big weekly fantasy football performances.

| 3 years ago
Aaron rodgers

Performance Report – Week 2

Aaron rodgersIn this weekly column we’ll take a look at the top performer at each position. The goal isn’t to just analyze the players individually but to identify variables that make up these top performances so we can more accurately project them in the future.

Quarterback – Aaron Rodgers GB

His Line:  25-42 346 yards, 3 TDs passing. aDOT = 9.2. 6-28 yards rushing. PFF Grade = 3.1

Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league so it’s not surprising to find him as the best quarterback in week 2. A couple of factors that led to this top performance had to do with the matchup and the game flow.

The Jets front is very good against the run. In fact the Packers rushed for less than 100 yards as a team and Rodgers was the second leading rusher behind Eddie Lacy who only posted 43 yards. This brutal matchup in the run game forced the Packers to go to the air often which only helped Rodgers bottom line from a fantasy perspective. The Jets also led early which naturally led to more pass attempts for the Pack.

Rodgers aDOT (average depth of target) was ninth in week 2 with most of the quarterbacks ahead of him actually having poor showings. Kirk Cousins did have a nice day and led the league in this department coupled with 71% completion percentage. Drew Stanton was second but only completed 50% of his throws leading to an unproductive fantasy day. Basically aDOT must be coupled with a high completion percentage to be a top performance indicator.

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