Performance Report – Week 10

Nate Hodges breaks down the top player at each position from Week 10 to gain insights into projection future top performers.

| 3 years ago

Performance Report – Week 10

Divisional Playoffs - Green Bay Packers v Atlanta FalconsIn this weekly column we’ll take a look at the top performer at each position. The goal isn’t to just analyze the players individually but to identify variables that make up these top performances so we can more accurately project them in the future.

Quarterback – Aaron Rodgers GB

His Line:  18-27 315 yards 6 TDs, 0 yards 0 TD rushing, aDOT= 9.7, PFF Grade= 4.5

This week’s performance report is a who’s who at the top of the fantasy football world. At the quarterback position we have our third straight week of six touchdown passes. This week it’s Aaron Rodgers who looked like he could have thrown for 10 if the Packers didn’t take their foot off the gas early against the Bears.

Chicago’s defense was so bad it was hard to appreciate the precision at which Rodgers played. He was definitely “in the zone” just as we saw Ben Roethlisberger the previous two weeks but the Bears didn’t make it difficult at all.

Jordy Nelson frequently ran uncovered hitting two huge touchdown plays and Randall Cobb came down with a tough one handed catch for another. Rodgers also found his tight ends for touchdowns as well. Even Eddie Lacy got in on the action.

What have we learned from these big passing touchdown numbers the last few weeks? Roethlisberger came back to earth against the Jets this week. Rodgers is a bit different. He’s a player you expect to be at the top each week. All I can come up with is whether you draft a quarterback earlier, like Rodgers, or later, like Roethlisberger, grab one that has the potential for upside over more consistent options.

Every team is throwing the ball more than ever. Might as well swing for the fences.

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