Patriots: what now with Thompkins cut?

| 3 years ago

Patriots: what now with Thompkins cut?

PFF-headlinesIn a surprising move the Patriots released wide receiver Kenbrell Thompkins despite a struggling passing offense that ranks 30th in both yards per attempt and yards per game.  While hardly eye-popping numbers Thompkins’ 6 catches for 53 yards is almost double the production of Danny Amendola and Aaron Dobson combined (4 catches for 29 yards).

And with discussions of quarterback Tom Brady’s trust in his receivers at an all time high, Thompkins was at least targeted when he did play – once every 4.8 passing snaps.  For comparison Danny Amendola has only been targeted once every 13.6 such snaps – a number that results in a Yards per Route Run of 0.17, the lowest in the league among any receiver with at least a catch.  Dobson meanwhile has only been on the field for 13 passing snaps total.  It’s now a distant memory that Thompkins and Dobson had combined for 26 catches and 389 yards this time last year as rookies.

Without the hope of development from the sophomore receivers, the Patriots have few options for improvement at the position this year.  Brian Tyms might be given a chance, but saw little to no time with Brady in the preseason – and is facing long odds given the Patriots now even worse resume at developing receivers.

  • Rasmus

    I don’t understand what’s going on

  • rogue

    Amedola is under a contract and the team has invested money in him. He’ll likely be cut after the season. Dobson has more potential with his physical tools. Everything about Thompkins screamed average: size, speed, etc. He wasn’t getting any better.

  • oppitz

    Amendola is a slot guy and the backup to Edelman, he and Kembrell play very different roles on the offense, so your comparison makes no sense at all.

    As for Dobson, he is coming along… An injury took him out of the training camp and im not sure he is already 100%, but he was more productive as a rookie than Thompkins was, and the coaching staff clearly believes that he is more talented as well.

    I am not even going to get to the financial part of cutting Amendola and what a dumb move it would be, so congrats to your very poor analysis

  • Sakelele

    Maybe he was released before his HGH issues became a justification for public scrutiny against the organization.