Pass Distribution – Week 3

Vincent Frank takes a look at Week 3 pass distribution stats.

| 3 years ago

Pass Distribution – Week 3

0Throughout the season in this series of PFF Fantasy’s weekly pass distribution article, we will provide you with detailed information on where some of the best wide receiver options stand in the following categories:

* Catch rate and total targets.

* Percentage of team’s targets.

* Percentage of team’s receptions.

* Percentage of snaps targeted.

We will also draw a final conclusion about where each player stands in the all-important pass distribution category. Utilizing all the information above, we will spit out the following advanced fantasy metric: Pass Distribution Value (PDV).

The formula is as follows:

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  • sikwitit2113

    I love this concept and analysis, thank you Vincent. Just wanted to see if you could possibly throw in a couple small charts for the top 10-15 RB and TE by PDV to show their comparative value as well. Keep up the great work.

    • Guest

      Appreciat that, kind sir.

      I’ll be sure to do so for the Week 4 article.

    • Vincent Frank

      Appreciate that, kind sir.

      I’ll be sure to do so for the Week 4 article.

  • Lincoln

    Eric Decker has been hurt though… Hamstring injuries can really affect a WR.