Pass Distribution: Preseason Edition

Vincent Frank takes a look at preseason pass distribution and what it might mean heading into the NFL regular season.

| 3 years ago

Pass Distribution: Preseason Edition

0Here is a primer for Pro Football Focus: Fantasy’s weekly pass distribution article. Throughout the course of the fantasy football season, we will provide you with detailed information on where some of the best wide receiver options stand in the following categories:

* Catch rate and total targets.

* Percentage of team’s targets.

* Percentage of team’s receptions.

* Percentage of snaps targeted.

We will also draw a final conclusion about where each player stands in the all-important pass distribution category. Utilizing all the information above, we will spit out the following advanced fantasy metric: Pass Distribution Value (PDV).

The formula is as follows:

Catch rate + percentage of team’s receptions (x2) + percentage of team’s targets (x2) + percentage of snaps targeted (x2).

In order to give readers an understanding of how this works, we decided to look at the 2014 preseason as a case study, and analyze 10 potentially fantasy-relevant players who put up numbers that will enable us to draw some sort of conclusion based on meaningless football. Our readers can expect more in-depth and relevant pieces during the regular year.
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