Page of Fame: Wide Receivers

The PFF Page of Fame series rolls on as we look at the top wide receiver seasons of the past five years.

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Page of Fame: Wide Receivers

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus Page of Fame for Wide Receivers, where only the best overall regular season performances during our time grading (2008 to Present) are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. The highest grades from the regular season make the list, and at the end of every year we update.


Best Overall Grade

1Brandon MarshallCHI20133315.3018.1-0.4
2Andre JohnsonHST201227.225.502.1-0.4
3Brandon MarshallDEN200725.619.10.98.5-2.9
3Calvin JohnsonDET201125.621.
5Reggie WayneIND200725.322.8-
6Larry FitzgeraldARZ200723.120.701.90.5
6Vincent JacksonSD200923.
8Demaryius ThomasDEN201222.715.305.81.6
9Brandon LloydDEN201021.818.9-
10Reggie WayneIND201221.512.8-
11Steve L. SmithCAR200820.820.80.40.2-0.6
11Larry FitzgeraldARZ201120.817.604.6-1.4
13Michael CrabtreeSF201220.
14Calvin JohnsonDET20122020.202.5-2.7


Best Receiving Grade

1Andre JohnsonHST201225.5
2Reggie WayneIND200722.8
3Calvin JohnsonDET201121.3
4Steve L. SmithCAR200820.8
5Larry FitzgeraldARZ200720.7
6Randy MossNE200720.5
7Calvin JohnsonDET201220.2
8Brandon MarshallDEN200719.1
9Brandon LloydDEN201018.9
10Vincent JacksonTB201218.8
11Antonio BrownPIT201318.5
12Michael CrabtreeSF201217.9
13Larry FitzgeraldARZ201117.6
14Sidney RiceMIN200917.4
15Anquan BoldinSF201317.1
16Roddy WhiteATL201216.9
17Wes WelkerNE201116.7
18Jordy NelsonGB201316.6
19Calvin JohnsonDET201316.4


Best Blocking Grade

1Brandon MarshallCHI201318.1
2Brandon MarshallDEN200813.5
3Michael ClaytonTB200812.3
4Muhsin MuhammadCAR200812
5Brandon MarshallDEN20078.5
6Muhsin MuhammadCAR20098.4
7Roddy WhiteATL20087.7
8Reggie WayneIND20127.2
9Greg CamarilloMIA20086.9
10Reggie WayneIND20086.6
11Drew DavisATL20136.5
12Hines WardPIT20106.4
12Danario AlexanderSL20116.4
12Jabar GaffneyNE20086.4
15Vincent JacksonSD20086.3
16Vincent JacksonSD20096.1
17Jerricho CotcheryPIT20136



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