Page of Fame: Tight Ends

The PFF Page of Fame series keeps rolling along with a look at the best single seasons recorded by tight ends in the past five years.

| 3 years ago

Page of Fame: Tight Ends

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus ‘Page of Fame’ for Tight Ends, where only the best overall regular season performances during our time grading (2007 to Present) are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. The highest grades from the regular season make the list, and at the end of every year we’ll update the list.


Best Overall Grade

RankPlayerTeamYearGradeReceivingPass BlockRun BlockPenalty
1Rob GronkowskiNE201139.121.3-1.420-0.8
2Jason WittenDAL201034.88.42.525.8-1.9
3Jason WittenDAL200933.53.42.831.2-3.9
4Anthony FasanoMIA200832.7-3.21.632.32
5Marcedes LewisJAX201029.
6Tony GonzalezKC200829.316.4-0.914.8-1
7Todd HeapBLT2009285.63.6171.8
8Jim KleinsasserMIN200827.7-41.932.2-2.4
9Kevin BossNYG2009263.9-3.523.42.2
10Jason WittenDAL200825.67.71.318.6-2
11Rob GronkowskiNE201224.910.51.712.60.1
12Rob GronkowskiNE201024.24.9-0.121.9-2.5
13Dwayne AllenIND201223.94.23.617.4-1.3
14Heath MillerPIT201123.4-
15Alge CrumplerTEN200823.3-5.81.327.10.7
15Marcedes LewisJAX200923.20.72.318.91.3
17Jason WittenDAL201222.211.20.411.4-0.8


Best Receiving Grade

1Rob GronkowskiNE201121.3
2Jimmy GrahamNO201119.7
3Tony GonzalezATL201218.9
4Jimmy GrahamNO201318.2
5Antonio GatesSD200717.8
6Tony GonzalezATL201117.3
7Tony GonzalezKC200816.4
8Tony GonzalezKC200715.8
9Heath MillerPIT201214
10Jason WittenDAL200713.6
11Rob GronkowskiNE201312.3
12Kellen WinslowCLV200711.6
13Aaron HernandezNE201111.5
13Antonio GatesSD200911.5
15Antonio GatesSD201011.4
16Jason WittenDAL201211.2
17Antonio GatesSD201110.7
18Dallas ClarkIND200910.6
19Rob GronkowskiNE201210.5


Best Blocking Grade

1Jim KleinsasserMIN200834.1
2Jason WittenDAL200934
3Anthony FasanoMIA200833.9
4Alge CrumplerTEN200828.4
5Jason WittenDAL201028.3
6Anthony FasanoMIA200925.5
7Jim KleinsasserMIN200924.4
8Marcedes LewisJAX201023.8
9Jim KleinsasserMIN200723.3
10John GilmoreTB200822.5
11Jeff KingCAR200822.2
12Rob GronkowskiNE201021.8
13Heath MillerPIT201121.5
13Alge CrumplerTEN200921.3
15Marcedes LewisJAX200921.2
16Dwayne AllenIND201221
16Steve HeidenCLV200821
18Todd HeapBLT200920.6
19Tony MoeakiKC201020.4
20Martellus BennettDAL201020.1



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