Page of Fame: Safeties

PFF's top single-season safety grades from the past five years were produced by 10 men with varied skill sets.

| 3 years ago

Page of Fame: Safeties

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus Page of Fame for safeties, where only the best overall regular season performances during our time grading (2007 to Present) are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. The highest grades from the regular season make the list, and at the end of every year we update.


Best Overall Grade

1Eric WeddleSD201228.1214.99.61.6
2Kerry RhodesNYJ2007283.59.613.31.6
3Quintin MikellPHI200826.
4Jairus ByrdBUF201224-0.4193.91.5
5Troy PolamaluPIT200823.
6Reshad JonesMIA201223.61.313.17.61.6
7Troy PolamaluPIT201122.
8Quintin MikellPHI201022.3-0.711.512-0.5
9Adrian WilsonARZ201121.70.613.49.1-1.4
10Kerry RhodesNYJ200821.3110.28.51.6
11Devin McCourtyNE201318.80.714.12.61.4
12Kerry RhodesNYJ200918.32.49.751.2
12Michael HuffOAK201018.
14Kerry RhodesARZ2012170.
14Quintin MikellSL2012179.9-2.490.5


Best Coverage Grade

1Jairus ByrdBUF201219
2Edward ReedBLT200915.4
3Troy PolamaluPIT200815.3
4Eric WeddleSD201214.9
5Adrian WilsonARZ200914.8
6Devin McCourtyNE201314.1
7Troy PolamaluPIT201313.9
8Adrian WilsonARZ201113.4
9Reshad JonesMIA201213.1
10Eric BerryKC201312.5
10Edward ReedBLT200812.5
12Kevin KaesviharnNO200712.3
13Reggie NelsonCIN201212.1
13O.J. AtogweSL200712.1


Best Run Defense Grade

1Kerry RhodesNYJ200713.3
2Quintin MikellPHI200812.3
3Quintin MikellPHI201012
4T.J. WardCLV201211.4
5Dawan LandryBLT201010
5Reed DoughtyWAS200910
7Lawyer MilloyATL20079.7
8Eric WeddleSD20129.6
8Tyvon BranchOAK20119.6
10Adrian WilsonARZ20119.1
11Quintin MikellSL20129
12Eric WeddleSD20108.8
13Kerry RhodesNYJ20088.5
13T.J. WardCLV20138.5
15Troy PolamaluPIT20118.1
16James IhedigboBLT20138


Best Pass Rush Grade

1Quintin MikellSL20129.9
2Quintin MikellPHI20088.4
3Tyvon BranchOAK20107
4O.J. AtogweSL20106.7
5Yeremiah BellMIA20106
6Antrel RolleNYG20105.7
7Bernard PollardHST20105.6
8Troy PolamaluPIT20115.3
9LaRon LandryWAS20105.1
9Michael HuffOAK20105.1



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  • sjt2115

    Well this just can’t be accurate. If I was to read this I might be convinced that Eric Weddle was one of, best safeties in the NFL. Possibly the best. As EVERYONE knows, this is impossible since Weddle was a major, major, major draft reach who is overpaid by a factor of a billion and doesn’t play in a major media market. Thus there’s no way that this article makes any sense.

    • LightsOut85

      XD. I love this! I will save my own praise of Weddle & just bow down to this post

    • Defiancy

      He also does not have any Head and Shoulders commercials! We all know that the REAL safeties are measured by their Head and Shoulders commercials. Thus far Eric Weddle is a bust!

  • John

    Why is Polamalu’s 2008 grade higher than his 2011 grade? The numbers given don’t add up.