Page of Fame: Quarterbacks

Khaled Elsayed today reveals the best single-season performances we've seen from the QB position over the past five years.

| 3 years ago

Page of Fame: Quarterbacks

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus Page of Fame for quarterbacks, where only the best overall regular season performances during our time grading (2007 to Present) are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. The highest grades from the regular season make the list, and at the end of every year we update.



Best Overall Grade

1Drew BreesNO201165.764.52.3-1.1
2Aaron RodgersGB201160.
3Peyton ManningIND200756.655.5-0.11.2
4Peyton ManningDEN201256.555.60.90
5Tom BradyNE20075149.61.20.2
6Tom BradyNE201248.
7Aaron RodgersGB201247.642.65.3-0.3
8Peyton ManningDEN20134748.5-2.81.3
9Drew BreesNO20124443.50.10.4
10Matt RyanATL201242.841.7-0.11.2
11Russell WilsonSEA201241.730.911.1-0.3
12Philip RiversSD200938.5410-2.5
13Tom BradyNE201138.138.9-1.30.5
14Ben RoethlisbergerPIT201236.935.21.30.4
15Matt RyanATL201136.234.22.2-0.2
16Brett FavreMIN200936.240.8-0.5-4.1


Best Passing Grade

1Drew BreesNO201164.5
2Aaron RodgersGB201158.9
3Peyton ManningDEN201255.6
4Peyton ManningIND200755.5
5Tom BradyNE200749.6
6Peyton ManningDEN201348.5
7Drew BreesNO201243.5
8Aaron RodgersGB201242.6
9Tom BradyNE201242.5
10Matt RyanATL201241.7
11Philip RiversSD200941
12Brett FavreMIN200940.8
13Tom BradyNE201138.9
14Philip RiversSD201037.5
15Peyton ManningIND200836.3
16Eli ManningNYG201236.1
17Ben RoethlisbergerPIT201235.2


Best Rushing Grade

1Cam NewtonCAR201214.5
2Michael VickPHI201013.2
3Cam NewtonCAR201312.6
4Cam NewtonCAR201111.9
5Russell WilsonSEA201211.1
6Russell WilsonSEA201310.8
7Andrew LuckIND20139.4
8Terrelle PryorOAK20138.6
9Josh FreemanTB20107.2
10Andrew LuckIND20127.1
11Jason CampbellWAS20086
12David GarrardJAX20075.6
13Aaron RodgersGB20125.3
13Vince YoungTEN20075.3
15Robert Griffin IIIWAS20125.2



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  • james

    Something that always confused me (and others) about this site – Why is the player rankings not just based on these numbers? In your PFF Top 100 you put Aaron Rodgers over Drew Brees. But apparently Brees got a better score that season?

    • phil

      16 games (padding his stats week 17 against a weak panther team) for Brees, while the Packers rested their starters week 17 (if Flynn could have “that” kind of game against the lions, Rodgers probably would’ve had 9 TD passes).