Page of Fame: Offensive Tackles

Khaled Elsayed continues to enshrine the first members of the PFF "Pages of Fame", today revealing the best single-season campaigns by offensive tackles.

| 3 years ago

Page of Fame: Offensive Tackles

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus Page of Fame for Offensive Tackles, where only the best overall regular season performances during our time grading (2007 to Present) are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. The highest grades from the regular season make the list, and at the end of every year we update.


Best Overall Grade

1 Joe ThomasCLV200948.717.50.531.3-0.6
2 Damien WoodyNYJ200838.920.8215.90.2
3 Jordan GrossCAR200738.423.40.516.5-2
4 Joe StaleySF201237.56.4128.31.8
5 David StewartTEN200836.615.9117.32.4
6 Jake LongMIA20093618.7015.41.9
7 Matt LightNE200835.68.36.518.72.1
8 Walter JonesSEA200734.918.3013.72.9
9 Trent WilliamsWAS201334.417.1113.72.6
10 D'Brickashaw FergusonNYJ20083313.53.514.71.3
11 Willie AndersonBLT200832.99.7121.11.1
12 Michael RoosTEN200832.815.5018.6-1.3
13 Jason PetersPHI201132.616.12.516.3-2.3
14 Andrew WhitworthCIN201032.211.93.516.20.6
15 Duane BrownHST201231.711.61.518.20.4
16 Damien WoodyNYJ200931.313.5017.40.4
17 Willie ColonPIT200931.121.309.80
18 Kareem McKenzieNYG201030.37.9019.72.7
19 Jake LongMIA201030.116.10.513.40.1


Best Run Blocking Grade

1Joe ThomasCLV200931.3
2Joe StaleySF201228.3
3Tony PashosJAX200826
4Doug FreeDAL201024.7
5Chris SamuelsWAS200721.4
6Willie AndersonBLT200821.1
7Donald PennTB200820.9
8Jake LongMIA200820.6
9Jon StinchcombNO200920.3
10Jared GaitherBLT200820.2
11Kareem McKenzieNYG201019.7
11Vernon CareyMIA200919.7
13King DunlapSD201319.6
13Langston WalkerOAK201019.6
15Kareem McKenzieNYG200919.3


Best Pass Blocking Grade

1 Jordan GrossCAR200723.4
1 Joe ThomasCLV201323.4
3 Sean LocklearSEA200722.3
4 Joe ThomasCLV201221.9
5 Willie ColonPIT200921.3
6 Damien WoodyNYJ200820.8
7 Joe ThomasCLV201119.5
8 Andrew WhitworthCIN201219.1
9 Jake LongMIA200918.7
10 Walter JonesSEA200718.3
11 Michael RoosTEN201217.8
12 Joe ThomasCLV200917.5
13 Trent WilliamsWAS201317.1
14 Joe ThomasCLV200717
15 Ryan CladyDEN201216.6
15 David StewartTEN201116.6
17 Jason PetersPHI201116.1
17 Jake LongMIA201016.1
17 Zach StriefNO201316.1



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  • Ed

    It’s crazy how many different names are on this list, at a glance it looks like only Thomas, Long and Woody made it on more than once. Any theories for why it seems harder to maintain a consistent level of elite play at tackle compared to the other positions we’ve seen displayed in this series so far?