Page of Fame: Offensive Guards

The PFF Page of Fame takes a look at the top season long efforts of offensive guards over the past five years.

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Page of Fame: Offensive Guards

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus Page of Fame for Offensive Guards, where only the best overall regular season performances during our time grading (2007 to Present) are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. The highest grades from the regular season make the list, and at the end of every year we update.



Best Overall Grade

1Evan MathisPHI20125214.23.533.31
2Evan MathisPHI201348.34.2242.4-0.3
3Logan MankinsNE200843.1-1.45.537.91.1
4Jahri EvansNO2009423.4234.71.9
5Evan MathisPHI201141.311226.41.9
6Chris SneeNYG200739.210028.21
7Rich SeubertNYG20073815.6-121.32.1
8Chris SneeNYG200836.74.71.527.72.8
9Steve HutchinsonMIN200836.56.6-0.527.43
10Brian WatersKC200836.419.80.513.22.9
11Carl NicksNO201135.416.9213.33.2
12Marshal YandaBAL201134.516.91.515.11
13Rich SeubertNYG200834.45.3-0.527.71.9
13Jahri EvansNO200834.46.5225.80.1
15Josh SittonGB201334.721.3-0.512.91


Best Run Blocking Grade

1Evan MathisPHI201342.4
2Logan MankinsNE200837.9
3Jahri EvansNO200934.7
4Evan MathisPHI201233.3
5Chris SneeNYG200728.2
6Chris SneeNYG200827.7
6Rich SeubertNYG200827.7
6Logan MankinsNE200727.7
9Steve HutchinsonMIN200827.4
10Evan MathisPHI201126.4
11Jahri EvansNO200825.8
12Carl NicksNO201025.6
13Chris SneeNYG200924.4
14Bobbie WilliamsCIN200923.3
15Todd HerremansPHI201322.9
15Bobbie WiliamsCIN200822.9
17Mike IupatiSF201222.6


Best Pass Blocking Grade

1Josh SittonGB201321.3
2Brian WatersKC200819.8
3Brian WatersNE201118
4Marshal YandaBAL201116.9
4Carl NicksNO201116.9
6Louis VasquezDEN201316.8
7Andy LevitreBUF201216
8Rich SeubertNYG200715.6
9Steve HutchinsonMIN200914.6
9Brian WatersKC200714.6
11Bobbie WilliamsCIN201014.3
12Evan MathisPHI201214.2
12Jason BrownBAL200714.2
14Chester PittsHOU200814.1




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