Page of Fame: Inside Linebackers

Khaled Elsayed continues to add names to the PFF "Pages of Fame" for single-season success over the past five years, and today inks the best of the inside linebackers.

| 3 years ago

Page of Fame: Inside Linebackers

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus Page of Fame for the inside linebackers, where only the best overall regular season performances during our time grading (2007 to Present) are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. The highest grades from the regular season make the list, and at the end of every year we update.



Best Overall Grade

1Patrick WillisSF200830.21.717.210.70.6
2Patrick WillisSF200929.2-0.210.417.41.6
3NaVorro BowmanSF2011295.66.715.11.6
4Lawrence TimmonsPIT201027.85.54.416.31.6
5Patrick WillisSF201027.211.62.1121.5
6Patrick WillisSF201226.70.29.815.11.6
7Bart ScottNYJ201025.21.7123.1-0.6
8Nick BarnettGB200924.
8Ray LewisBLT200924.
10NaVorro BowmanSF201323.911.
11Derrick O. JohnsonKC201023.62.19.610.31.6
12Patrick WillisSF201123.32.911.38.90.2
13Desmond BishopGB201022.
14Brian CushingHST201122.
15Patrick WillisSF200722.2-0.18.413.30.6
16Ray LewisBLT201120.22.92.513.61.2
16Takeo SpikesSF201020.2-0.6613.51.3


Best Run Defense Grade

1Bart ScottNYJ201023.1
2Bart ScottBLT200722.7
3Patrick WillisSF200917.4
4Brandon SpikesNE201216.4
5Lawrence TimmonsPIT201016.3
6NaVorro BowmanSF201115.1
6Patrick WillisSF201215.1
8Bradie JamesDAL200714.4
9Ray LewisBLT200913.6
9Ray LewisBLT201113.6
11Takeo SpikesSF201013.5
11Luke KuechlyCAR201213.5
13E.J. HendersonMIN201113.4
14Patrick WillisSF200713.3
14Derrick O. JohnsonKC201113.3
14Bobby WagnerSEA201213.3
17Derrick O. JohnsonKC201213.1
17Brandon SpikesNE201313.1


Best Coverage Grade

1Patrick WillisSF200817.2
2Gary BrackettIND200714.2
3Derrick O. JohnsonKC201313.5
4Kiko AlonsoBUF201313.1
4Brian UrlacherCHI200713.1
6Paul PoslusznyJAX201112.9
7Jonathan VilmaNO200912.4
8Patrick WillisSF201111.3
9Stephen TullochDET201311
10Patrick WillisSF200910.4
10Stephen TullochDET201110.4
12Karlos DansbyARZ201310.2
12Daryl SmithBLT201310.2
14Daryl WashingtonARZ201310


Best Pass Rush Grade

1NaVorro BowmanSF201311.8
2Patrick WillisSF201011.6
3Lawrence TimmonsPIT200910.8
4Lawrence TimmonsPIT20089.2
5Nick BarnettGB20099.1
6Karlos DansbyARZ20078.7
7Desmond BishopGB20108.6
8Brian CushingHST20118.2
9Daryl WashingtonARZ20127.7
10D.J. WilliamsDEN20097.2



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  • Mauha Deeb

    So, what I get from this is Patrick WIllis is just way better than all others.

  • James

    Surprised that Ray still rated that highly in his last few years.

  • Ben

    Who is this Patrick Willis guy and why have I never heard him mentioned around here?

  • Alex

    You have two 2009 seasons for Patrick Willis

    • mark

      I think the second one should be 2008

  • Mark

    Amazing that Patrick Willis has the best grade for pass-rushing, coverage, AND run defense. He even has the best grade for penalties.

  • Alan

    I kinda wonder how early 2000s Ray Lewis would have graded as good as his rankings still were in his later years.