Page of Fame: Defensive Tackles

The PFF Page of Fame makes its next stop with a look at the top single season efforts from defensive tackles/ nose tackles that have been recorded since 2008.

| 3 years ago

Page of Fame: Defensive Tackles

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus Page of Fame for Defensive Tackles where only the best overall regular season performances during our time grading (2008 to Present) are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. The highest grades from the regular season make the list, and at the end of every year we update.


Best Overall Grade

1Geno AtkinsCIN201273.649.5220.41.7
2Gerald McCoyTB201348.852.51.51.7-6.9
3Albert HaynesworthTEN200736.319.3123.6-7.6
4Kevin WilliamsMIN200835.232.405.6-2.8
5Kyle WilliamsBUF201035151.520.5-2
6Kris JenkinsCAR20073416.3125.2-8.5
7Ndamukong SuhDET201332.834.3-0.53.9-4.9
8Brandon MebaneSEA201330.79.80.518.51.9
9Jamaal WilliamsSD200729.1-5.1033.70.5
10Damon HarrisonNYJ201329-4.8133.2-0.4
11Jurrell CaseyTEN201328.227.12-1.80.9
12Shaun RogersDET200728.114.5119.1-6.5


Best Run Defense Grade

1Jamal WilliamsSD200733.7
2Damon HarrisonNYJ201333.2
3Pat WilliamsMIN200729.7
4Vince WilforkNE200726.4
5Kris JenkinsCAR200725.2
6Albert HaynesworthTEN200723.6
7Keith TraylorMIA200722.1
8Brodrick BunkleyDEN201121.4
9Hollis ThomasNO200721.1
10Kyle WilliamsBUF201020.5
11Geno AtkinsCIN201220.4


Best Pass Rushing Grade

1Gerald McCoyTB201352.5
2Geno AtkinsCIN201249.5
3Ndamukong SuhDET201334.3
4Kevin WilliamsMIN200832.4
5Ndamukong SuhDET201228
6Jurrell CaseyTEN201327.1
7Jason HatcherDAL201325.4
8Geno AtkinsCIN201121.7
9Kyle WilliamsBUF201220.9
10Pernell McPheeBAL201120.2
11Albert HaynesworthTEN200719.3
12Gerald McCoyTB201218.5
13Sedrick EllisNO200818.4
14Jay RatliffDAL201018.2
14Shaun RogersCLE200818.2
16Brandon MebaneSEA200818


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  • Ben Fitzgerald

    Babineaux 2009? Is the rest of his grade from pass coverage? The numbers don’t seem to add up?

    • PFF_ColeSchultz

      You’re correct. He received an unusually high grade of +5.0 coverage grade in 2009. Incidentally, that’s the highest 1-year coverage grade of any DT we’ve graded. The vast majority of DTs coverage grades fall close to 0 though, so they’ve been omitted for the sake of brevity.

      • Ben Fitzgerald

        Just out of interest are there any sesaons by any linemen (including DE’s) where they consistently play well in coverage or have they really only amassed good coverage grades through a few great coverage plays? Is this how Babineaux did it? Thanks

        • PFF_ColeSchultz

          If you include 3-4 DE’s, it’s Calais Campbells +6.5 coverage grade in 2011 that’s on top. With 4-3 ends, it gets to be a bit harder to compare. Suggs had a +8.5 in 2011, but 4-3 ends are dropped back into coverage far more often. And with a player like Suggs playing a hybrid 4-3 DE/3-4 OLB, he’s bound to have more opportunities. Suggs was standing up (2 point stance) on over half of his plays that year, compared to Campbell, who spent just 1% of his plays that year standing up.

  • volger

    How far off was Jay Ratliff from making the list?