Page of Fame: Centers

PFF's 'Page of Fame' series continues as Khaled Elsayed hops to the offensive side of the line and lists the best seasons we've seen from centers over the past five ...

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Page of Fame: Centers

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus ‘Page of Fame’ for Centers, where only the best overall regular season performances during our time grading (2008 to Present) are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. The highest grades from the regular season make the list, and at the end of every year we’ll update the list.



Best Overall Grade

1Nick MangoldNYJ200941.83.8037.40.6
2Nick MangoldNYJ200839.63.21.534.30.6
3Chris MyersHOU201135.23.3132.4-1.5
4Casey WiegmannDEN200834.98.8322.50.6
5Jeff SaturdayIND200734.410.51.5211.4
6Matt BirkBAL201031.17.7-0.524.3-0.4
7John SullivanMIN201230.32.51.525.70.6
8Nick MangoldNYJ201129.84.3025.20.3
9Nick MangoldNYJ201029.76023.20.5
10Ryan KalilCAR20092740.523.9-1.4
11Max UngerSEA201226.20.31.524.30.1
12Ryan WendellNE201226.2-7.51.530.61.6
13Shaun O'HaraNYG2009263120.91.1
14John SullivanMIN201125.70.61.522.21.4
15Alex MackCLE200925.10.3222.20.6
16Matt BirkBAL2009251.92210.1


Best Pass Blocking Grade

1Jeff SaturdayIND200710.5
2Olin KreutzCHI20089.4
3Jeff SaturdayIND20109.2
4Casey WiegmannDEN20088.8
5Scott WellsGB20117.7
5Matt BirkBAL20107.7
5Jeff FaineNO20087.7
8Matt BirkBAL20117.3
9Lyle SendleinARZ20106.8
10Jason BrownSL20096.6
11Jeff SaturdayIND20096.5
12Stefan WisniewskiOAK20126.4
12Dominic RaiolaDET20086.4
14Nick HardwickSD20116.3
15Mike PounceyMIA20136.2
16Dominic RaiolaDET20136.1
17Nick MangoldNYJ20106
17Jason BrownBAL20086


Best Run Blocking Grade

1Nick MangoldNYJ200937.4
2Nick MangoldNYJ200834.3
3Chris MyersHOU201132.4
4Ryan WendellNE201230.6
5John SullivanMIN201225.7
6Nick MangoldNYJ201125.2
7Matt BirkBAL201024.3
7Max UngerSEA201224.3
9Ryan KalilCAR200923.9
10Nick MangoldNYJ201023.2
11Casey WiegmannDEN200822.5
11Chris MyersHOU201022.5
13Travis FrederickDAL201322.4
14Alex MackCLE200922.2
14John SullivanMIN201122.2
16Chris MyersHOU201322.1




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