PoF: Best Single Games – Guards

Khaled Elsayed continues the Page of Fame series as he breaks down the best single-game guard performances.

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PoF: Best Single Games – Guards

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus Page of Fame for offensive guards, where only the best one-off performances during our time grading are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. Each game is it’s own island, and only the highest grades make it onto the list.

Anything at or over a +7.0 grade for this position will get the recognition it deserves!


1. Logan Mankins, 2008 – WK9, NE @ IND: +10.1

Pass Blocking: +1.6, Screen Blocking: +0.5, Run Blocking: +7.8, Penalties: +0.2

A monster game from Mankins to earn the highest grade of any offensive guard in 2008. The Patriot gave up no pressure throughout the duration of the game as the Colts and Pats went toe to toe. As is often his case, his best work was done in the run game with the Pats averaging 6.8 yards per carry off left guard.

2. Jahri Evans, 2009 – WK1, DET @ NO: +9.0

Pass Blocking: +1.4, Screen Blocking: +0.5, Run Blocking: +6.9, Penalties: +0.2

The 2009 season started with Evans at his very best. Perfect in pass protection, Evans was relentless as the Saints ran all over the Lions. His work at the second level, where he seemed to zero in on Ernie Sims at times, was something that lives long in the memory.

3. Steve Hutchinson, 2008 – WK2, IND @ MIN: +8.2

Pass Blocking: +1.1, Screen Blocking: 0.0, Run Blocking: +6.9, Penalties: +0.2

Hutchinson had himself a lot of fun against the Colts in Week 2 of the 2008 season. Leading the way for his team to rush for 179 yards at 5 yards per carry, he also ended the day perfect in pass protection. Not bad at all.

4. Shawn Andrews, 2007 – WK10, PHI @ WAS: +7.6

Pass Blocking: +1.1, Screen Blocking: +0.5, Run Blocking: +5.8, Penalties: +0.2

A monster display from the Eagles guard at the peek of his powers. The Redskins just didn’t know what hit them as Andrews paved the way for his team as they ended up with 146 yards rushing. With over 5 yards per carry off his outside shoulder and just one hit allowed in pass protection, this was something special.

5. Stephen Neal, 2008 – WK16, ARZ @ NE: +7.4

Pass Blocking: +1.7, Screen Blocking: 0.0, Run Blocking: +5.5, Penalties: +0.2

One of the criminally underrated players of his time, the showing Neal put forth in Week 16 of 2008 was something that highlighted his brilliance. His 41 snaps in pass protection saw him yield no hurries, while the team averaged 5.8 yards per carry off the right side of the line.

6. Daryn Colledge, 2011 – WK12, ARZ @ SL: +7.3


Pass Blocking: +1.2, Screen Blocking: 0.0, Run Blocking: +5.9, Penalties: +0.2


The Cardinals decided to pay Colledge some big bucks before the 2011 season and it was because they wanted to see displays like this. A fantastic athlete, the team got him to the second level where he was too big and too powerful for any Ram linebacker to contend with.

7. Vince Manuwai, 2010 – WK11, CLV @ JAX: +7.2

Pass Blocking: +1.7, Screen Blocking: 0.0, Run Blocking: +5.3, Penalties: +0.2

The Jags’ Manuwai came into this game on some solid form, but nothing suggested he was going to dominate like he would end up doing. Perfect in pass protection, he did most of his best work up front against the Browns’ big defensive line.

8. Brandon Moore, 2009 – WK6, BUF @ NYJ: +7.0

Pass Blocking: +0.3, Screen Blocking: 0.0, Run Blocking: +6.5, Penalties: +0.2

It was a long day for the Bills as the Jets grounded and pounded them to the tune of 318 yards. Those yards were paved by some hard work in the trenches, with Moore starring. The team averaged 12.4 yards per carry off right guard.



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