PoF: Best Single Games – Fullbacks

Khaled Elsayed offers up the best fullback performances of the past five years as we continue to acknowledge the top single-game efforts of the PFF era.

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PoF: Best Single Games – Fullbacks

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus Page of Fame for fullbacks, where only the best one-off performances during our time grading are mentioned.

If this is your first visit to a “PFF PoF” then the rules are pretty simple. Each game is it’s own island, and only the highest grades make it onto the list.

Anything at or over a +4.5 grade for this position will get the recognition it deserves!

1. Lousaka Polite, 2009 – WK5, NYJ @ MIA: +6.9

Blocking: +6.4, Receiving: -0.1, Rushing: +0.6, Penalties: +0.2

There wasn’t anything fancy about this performance from Polite. He just zeroed in on David Harris and cleared a path for his backs to take full advantage.

=2. Jeremi Johnson, 2007 – WK7, NYJ @ CIN: +6.3

Blocking: +6.5, Receiving: -0.1, Rushing: -0.2, Penalties: +0.1

Johnson might have thought he was in for a big day when he saw Jonathan Vilma standing over him. He was, and he tormented the combination of Vilma and David Harris to pick up a monster grade.

=2. Jerome Felton, 2013 – WK13, CHI @ MIN: +6.3

Blocking: +6.4, Receiving: -0.1, Rushing: 0.0, Penalties: +0.1

In the modern NFL fullbacks can often get in the way of their running backs with speedy defenders quick to fill running lanes and leave them helpless. Not when Felton lined up against the Bears as he paved the way for a big day for Adrian Peterson.

=2. Greg Jones, 2008 – WK3, JAX @ IND: +6.3

Blocking: +5.8, Receiving: +0.4, Rushing: 0.0, Penalties: +0.1

A fun day for Jones who really enjoyed himself as the Jaguars walked away with 236 rushing yards against an overpowered Colts outfit.


5. Thomas Tapeh – WK11, MIA @ PHI: +5.4


Blocking: +5.0, Receiving: +0.4, Rushing: +0.0, Penalties: +0.0


It only took Tapeh 32 snaps to leave a mark on our Page of Fame. The one time fifth round pick had a largely forgettable 2007 season but his outing against Miami was really something to behold.

=6. Tony Richardson, WK13 – DET @ MIN: +5.2

Blocking: +4.5, Receiving: +0.4, Rushing: +0.3, Penalties: +0.0

The old pro Richardson may have been winding down a punishing career at this point but he showed he had some gas left in the tank as he paved the way for a big rushing day for the Chargers.

=6. Earnest Graham, 2008 – WK6, CAR @ TB: +5.2

Blocking: +4.2, Receiving: +0.4, Rushing: +0.6, Penalties: +0.2

The versatile Graham’s time in the NFL is best remembered for his rushing. But here, where he ran for 11 yards on five carries, it was his lead blocking that earned him such a big grade.

8. Vonta Leach, 2008 – WK5, IND @ HST: +5.1

Blocking: +5.2, Receiving: -0.1, Rushing: 0.0, Penalties: +0.1

Leach carried the ball once and had just the one reception for 8 yards. However, his blocking caught our attention as he punished anyone daring to meet him head-on.





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