Page of Fame: 4-3 Defensive Ends

Kicking off the PFF 'Pages of Fame', Khaled Elsayed lists the best single-season performances we've seen from 4-3 defensive ends since 2008.

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Page of Fame: 4-3 Defensive Ends

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus ‘Page of Fame’ for 4-3 Defensive Ends, where only the best overall regular season performances during our time grading (2007 to Present) are mentioned.

The rules are pretty simple: the highest grades from the regular season make the list, and at the end of every year we update.


Best Overall Grade

1Robert QuinnSL201374.662.3012.7-0.4
2Cameron WakeMIA201251.241.415.43.4
3Trent ColePHI201035.931-1.512.8-6.4
4Trent ColePHI201134.834.7-0.55.2-4.6
5Charles JohnsonCAR201033.330.90.55.7-3.8
6Julius PeppersCHI201030.419.11.510.5-0.7
7Brandon GrahamPHI201230.
8John AbrahamATL201129.730.42.51.5-4.7
9John AbrahamATL200829.638.50.5-9.70.3
10Terrell SuggsBAL201128.210.6711.2-0.6
11Dwight FreeneyIND200927.630.81.5-2.7-2
12Robert MathisIND200927.526.700.50.3
13Carlos DunlapCIN201126.921.
14Greg HardyCAR201325.619.30.58.1-2.3
15John AbrahamATL201025.526.11-1.80.2
16Paul SpicerJAX200725.210.40.513.11.2


Best Run Defense Grade

1Terrell SuggsBAL200819.7
2Rob NinkovichNE201318.1
3Justin TuckNYG200716.3
3Michael JohnsonCIN201316.3
5Charles GrantNO200714.1
6Justin SmithSF200713.9
7Alex BrownCHI200813.5
8Michael StrahanNYG200713.4
9Justin TuckNYG200813.3
10Paul SpicerJAX200713.1
11Jason Pierre-PaulNYG201212.8
11Trent ColePHI201012.8
13Robert QuinnSL201312.7
14Ray EdwardsMIN200712.6
15Carlos DunlapCIN201311.8
15Mike RuckerCAR200711.8
17Terrell SuggsBAL201111.2
18Lamarr HoustonOAK201211


Best Pass Rushing Grade

RankPlayerTeamYearPass Rush Grade
1Robert QuinnSL201362.3
2Cameron WakeMIA201241.4
3John AbrahamATL200838.5
4John AbrahamATL200737.1
5Trent ColePHI201134.7
6Dwight FreeneyIND201033.6
7Charles JohnsonCAR201231.5
8Trent ColePHI201031
9Charles JohnsonCAR201030.9
10Dwight FreeneyIND200930.8
11Dwight FreeneyIND200830.7
12John AbrahamATL201130.4
13Cameron WakeMIA201329.9
14Jason BabinJAX201129.6
15Chris ClemonsSEA201029
16Chris LongSL201128.9
17Brandon GrahamPHI201228.7




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