Page of Fame: 3-4 Defensive Ends

Our 'Pages of Fame' series continues as Khaled Elsayed highlights the best seasons we have seen from 3-4 defensive ends over the past five years.

| 3 years ago

Page of Fame: 3-4 Defensive Ends

Welcome to the Pro Football Focus ‘Page of Fame’ for 3-4 Defensive Ends, where only the best overall regular season performances during our time grading (2007 to Present) are mentioned.

The rules are pretty simple: the highest grades from the regular season make the list, and at the end of every year we update.



Best Overall Grade

1J.J. WattHOU201399.857142.8-1
2J.J. WattHOU201294.259.61.535-1.9
3Justin SmithSF201139.233.914.20.1
4Muhammad WilkersonNYJ201237.214.6121.40.2
5Justin SmithSF201036.520.91.513.40.7
6Calais CampbellARZ201334.126071.1
7Justin SmithSF200933.533.72-3.41.2
8Kyle WilliamsBUF201327.823.7-1.58.4-2.8
9Cameron JordanNO201326.831.60-6.31.5


Best Run Defense Grade

RankPlayerTeamYearRun Defense Grade
1J.J. WattHOU201342.8
2J.J. WattHOU201235
3Sheldon RichardsonNYJ201322.4
4Haloti NgataBAL200722
5Shaun SmithCLE200721.5
6Muhammad WilkersonNYJ201221.4
7Cedric ThorntonPHI201321.2
8Chris CantyDAL200717
9Ty WarrenNE200716.5
10Mike DevitoKC201316.4
11Marques DouglasSF200713.7
12Justin SmithSF201013.4
13Dwan EdwardsBAL200711.1
14Justin BannanBAL200710.7


Best Pass Rushing Grade

1J.J. WattHOU201259.6
2J.J. WattHOU201357
3Justin SmithSF201133.9
4Justin SmithSF200933.7
5Cameron JordanNO201331.6
6Antonio SmithHOU201128
7Calais CampbellARZ201326
8Calais CampbellARZ201125.9
9Antonio SmithHOU201224.7
10Kyle WilliamsBUF201323.7
11Antonio SmithHOU201321.3
12Justin SmithSF201020.9
13Calais CampbellARZ200918.6
14Darnell DockettARZ201117.9
15Wallace GilberryKC201017.8
16Calais CampbellARZ201216.3
17Cullen JenkinsGB201015.8
18Justin SmithSF201315.6



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  • Abouthat

    There seems to be no explanation for Seymour’s grade…why is that?

  • Mark7425

    You should also mention Watt had 42 TFLs, 20.5 sacks, and 16 bat-downs. Also amazing

  • Andrew

    I think its safe to say Justin Smith is pretty good.