Packers: Is it time for Jamari Lattimore?

| 3 years ago

Packers: Is it time for Jamari Lattimore?

PFF-headlinesThe Packers have had some underperforming play at the inside linebacker spot for the last few years. Injuries have derailed seasons for Desmond Bishop, Nick Barnett, and Brad Jones. AJ Hawk is dependably in the lineup but his impact has been limited.

With Jones’ lingering quad injury, Jamari Lattimore could see his second start in a row. Should he remain the starter even after Jones comes back? The PFF numbers might suggest so.

In Week 2, Lattimore graded out at +2.4 in 59 snaps. He made three stops in the run game and added some pass rush with a couple QB hurries. Jones finished with a -5.8 in Week 1 with three missed tackles and while Hawk’s play did improve in Week 2, his overall grade through two games stands at -4.5. This is a small sample size, so we take a look at 2013 as well.

In 272 snaps last year Lattimore graded at +1.0 overall, collecting 16 stops in the run game and four pressures on only 10 pass rushes. Jones and Hawk played 594 and 1014 snaps, respectively, and combined for a -14.0 overall grade and each came up with 32 stops.

Lattimore has made more of an impact recently despite his limited number of reps. If he keeps it up can he force a shake-up in the Green Bay linebacking corps? Something to watch for over the next few weeks.

  • Chad Lundberg

    Please Brad Jones, please, STAY ON THE SIDELINES!!! Hopefully Carl Bradford proves his worth and eventually benches Hawk. Also, I wonder how Jaryone Elliot is doing? I sure hope this guy’s the real deal, we can cut Peppers and won’t have to pay Peppers another 9 mil next season. That’s a lot to hope for but that’s fandom for ya.

  • techvet

    Packers fans know the answer – start Lattimore! He is not perfect but he has more upside than Jones. Time for some on-the-job training.

  • Kevin

    The question may not be should he be starting but who should he be starting for. I wish Jones could just stay healthy, he has had a lingering injury for awhile now and it goes back to nearly the beginning of last season. His 2012 season gave a lot of reason for optimism but since the hamstring injuries have occurred his play has steeply declined.

    Even though Hawk has been healthy he doesn’t add much outside of reliability. Honestly, if you look at the past 4-5 years, GB has tried finding his replacement multiple times but every time an injury happens and he becomes a full time starter once again. Even during the first game, Jones was the 3 down LB while Hawk was off the field in Dime packages. Jones is also the player with the speaker in his helmet. It kind of shows that GB would rather have someone else on the field than Hawk if possible.

    I know there are a lot of Hawk lovers around the net, I’m just not one of them. Ideally, neither Hawk or Jones are starters in the NFL or at least for GB because in all honesty, they aren’t very good. I do like Jones potential more if he was healthy but that doesn’t appear to ever be the case.