Offensive Line Rankings

In this look back at the offensive line units through 2014's first five weeks, Khaled Elsayed sets them in order, ranking all 32 and naming the studs and duds from ...

| 3 years ago

Offensive Line Rankings

OL-RankFive weeks into the NFL season and things are starting to take shape. And one area where increased time leads to evaluations less prone to weekly fluctuations is on the offensive line. So right now seems like a good time to unload some offensive line rankings, right?

As ever, we’ve looked at the combined scores for the offensive lines, while also given you an idea where they rank as pass blockers, run blockers and in terms of penalties (of the discipline variety). And, as ever, we look forward to your comments via our @PFF twitter handle.

*Last years rankings in parenthesis

32. Buffalo Bills (22nd)
PB: 31st, RB: 31st, PEN: 6th

Stud: Look no further than Cordy Glenn. The most reliable piece of this line, Glenn hasn’t reached the heights of last year but remains a solid pass protector as evidenced by just 10 QB disruptions allowed all year.

Dud: The switch to right guard has not been kind to Erik Pears. Our lowest-ranked guard on the year, he’s been an abomination in the run game while allowing far too much pressure up the gut. There have been signs of progress but not enough to convince.

Summary: Starting an undrafted free agent at right tackle might create a warm fuzzy feeling, but has also created a quick route to quarterbacks with only two tackles allowing more pressure than Seantrel Henderson. Throw in a fifth-rounder at left guard and there’s nothing reliable vets Glenn and Eric Wood can do to salvage this ranking.

31. San Diego Chargers
PB: 30th, RB: 30th, PEN: 6th

Stud: And the winner, as a result of default… King Dunlap. In fairness to Dunlap he’s good enough in pass protection and when he latches onto you in the run game it’s pretty much all over with his size and power.

Dud: It’s not been pretty watching Johnnie Troutman this year. He’s been poor in all phases of the game and but for injuries would surely be a candidate for benching.

Summary: Losing Nick Hardwick has hurt, with the centers replacing him combining for a -13.2 grade. Perhaps the bigger disappointment, though, comes from the guys either side of him and, with the interior not doing a good job of creating space for their quarterback to step up into. It makes the play of Rivers all the more remarkable.

30. Kansas City Chiefs (20th)
PB: 24th, RB: 32nd, PEN: 1st

Stud: The only man earning a positive grade this year is center Rodney Hudson. He’s the veteran of this group and it’s most reliable player.

Dud: Perhaps it’s time to start worrying about Eric Fisher? Switched to the left side he’s still allowing too much pressure and has yet to step up in the run game. To justify that first overall pick he needs to really step it up.

Summary: It was always likely to be a bumpy road after losing Branden Albert, Jon Asomoah and Geoff Schwartz and so it has proved. Will have to suck up the fact they’ve got youngsters gaining experience, while knowing journeymen Mike McGlynn and Ryan Harris are not long-term answers.

29. Carolina Panthers (7th)
PB: 29th, RB: 26th, PEN: 10th

Stud: He’s given up more pressure than a center should, but Ryan Kalil is the team’s best run blocker and is keeping this unit together.

Dud: It’s hard playing left tackle in the NFL. After a strong effort in Week 1 Byron Bell is proving that, with his showing against Baltimore particularly hard to watch. The plus side? Outside of that game the pressure levels have been acceptable from his side.

Summary: You don’t just lose Jordan Gross and Travelle Wharton and get over it. No, retirement has crippled this unit. Perhaps its only viewing this people will appreciate just how good those two (especially Gross) was.

28. Atlanta Falcons (30th)
PB: 20th, RB: 29th, PEN: 26th

Stud: You can pick your poison from Jon Asamoah or Justin Blalock. Blalock looked particularly good before trying to gut some plays out with a bad back against Minnesota.

Dud: The team placed Lamar Holmes on Injured Reserve and he may find it tough to work a way back into a starting spot when he returns.

Summary: That second-half domination by the Giants certainly pushed this unit down more than a few spots. Before that, Jake Matthews was looking an upgrade and the retooled interior was making some room for runners. But injuries have decimated the team and the backups have opponents licking their lips.

27. New England Patriots (14th)
PB: 32nd, RB: 13th, PEN: 20th

Stud: The only starter with a positive grade in pass protection is Sebastian Vollmer. That’s not what this line is used to, but it’s all they have right now.

Dud: It proved a bad idea to start Jordan Devey and the 2013 undrafted free agent who struggled in preseason was benched, but not before the damage was done.

Summary: For years New England has had one of the best lines in the league. They dropped off a little last year and have really hit hard times in 2014. They’ve struggled to find the right combination as they try to blend in new players and you get the feeling this is going to be a rollercoaster season for the unit.

26. Arizona Cardinals (32nd)
PB: 19th, RB: 27th, PEN: 27th

Stud: Given what the Cardinals got at left tackle last year Jared Veldheer must seem like the best bits of Joanthan Ogden, Walter Jones and Orlando Pace all rolled up into one. He’s not, but he’s been a huge improvement, particularly in pass pro.

Dud: Normally the rock on the line, Lyle Sendlein has mixed the average with some backside kickings. His efforts in his past two outings have not been him at his best.

Summary: It’s an improvement which owes a lot to their marquee free agent signing, but they’ve cobbled together a unit that hasn’t shamed them. The only real disappointment is that 2013 first round pick Jonathan Cooper has managed just three snaps as he tries to work himself back to playing shape.

25. Minnesota Vikings (6th)
PB: 23rd, RB: 25th, PEN: 25th

Stud: The only player with a positive run block grade so far is John Sullivan, and even he hasn’t hit the kind of form that has seen him be the league’s most consistent center these past two years.

Dud: As a rookie Matt Kalil looked like he was destined to be one of the top tackles in the league. A so-so sophomore season has turned into a full-on terrible third year. His efforts against both New England and New Orleans were not good enough, though there has been signs of improvement the past two weeks.

Summary: A slow start or a big backwards step? They have missed Brandon Fusco when he hasn’t been in the lineup, but there are too many talented players just not playing to their potential right now.

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  • davathon

    They Dolphins O-line has worked out well so far. They’ll get pro-bowl center Mike Pouncey back this week. That should push them into the top 10. They now have 1st round talent at both tackles and at center. Plus, getting Knowshon Moreno back will help in pass protection.

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            As Jason Taylor says, “HI needs a hug and a hobby”.

        • HI

          Whoa, you called me a loser???!!??!?!? Wanna medal? Or do you not know what that is?

          • Josh Knepshield

            Just admit you got pwned, douche.

        • Vic Vega

          Nobody really cares that much about the Dolphins.

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          • pinstripes7

            Well said.

          • jeffy1951

            Sometimes the back-and-forths are absolutely hilarious and I get stuck reading them instead of the articles lol

  • Tyler Ferree

    I look at the jets o-line pass pro grade and think they are thirteenth due to geno’s scrambling turning some of the would be sacs into simple pressures, how much drop off would there be without that (i’m figuring mid twenties at best)

  • FD54

    Uh oh… incoming whiny Seahwaks fans complaining that their team isn’t first at everything. Be prepared, PFF

    • Darnell

      Hawks fan here…

      Let me give this whining thing a shot. My untrained eye tells me that Sweezy has been really good and Okung has been, by far, the liability. Bullocks!!!

      • eYeDEF

        There’s a reason why. Like you said yourself your eyes are untrained. Watch the all 22 and see sweezy getting schooled against Denver in pass pro. He wasn’t particularly good in pass protection against Washington either. Okung has been altogether very average. His bad plays have been offset by some good he finished cleanly at the second level. His inconsistency is what makes him appear average and even horrible at times. Not what you would expect for a left tackle pulling 11 million a year.

    • LightsOut85

      Surprised PFF’s resident troll hasn’t already

    • [email protected]

      We’re actually very smart fans. I wouldn’t rank our line this high. Okung has really struggled. I don’t think they are to blame for Russell Wilson being pressured every time either. Its awkward to say that its Russell Wilson’s “fault” for the pressures too. Thats his game, thats what he does. Its all part of the plan.

    • Smellyman

      no complaining here. The OL is terrible and one of the worst pass blocking lines ever and they should be MUCH lower. Terrible rankings

      • Chesney

        “no complaining here…Terrible rankings”
        Except for all the complaints, you barely complained at all!

  • atyler2011

    I am not quite sure how you can “adjust” the grading by compiling all individual ratings vs. the other grading as an unit. For example, Seattle is ranked 12th in PB when their qb is the highest pressurized qb in the league along w/ the Jets.

    • [email protected]

      Russell Wilson doesn’t do checkdowns. Why throw it if you don’t have to? Especially when nobody in the NFL can tackle you.

  • Brian

    After 3-4 years of poor play (getting to disastrous in 2013) awesome to see Giants ranked at #3!!! We need it. That + dropping the horrid Gilbride system has already done wonders.

  • Jared Wolfhope

    How does PFF regard pressures given up after 3 seconds? Does it still negative grade 49er linemen when Kaepernick is break-dancing in the pocket before going down after 3+ seconds?

    • PFF_Pete

      Time to pressure is a huge factor in how we grade pass blocking/rushing. A QB hit that comes in 2 seconds is a better play than a clean up sack that comes after a QB has been dancing in the pocket for 5 seconds.

  • EthanRAE

    Um, I am a seahawks fan but our O-line is garbage, definitely ranked far too high

  • Prediction

    I *(censored)* hate this whole ordeal in how I’m a
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    *(censored)* done with all of you.

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      Don’t let them win. I have like 3 guys who follow me around and flame me whenever i post anything. Big deal.

  • JT

    The Bills line is not that bad……Panthers line is by far the worst.

  • Tim Edell

    Seantrel Henderson was not an undrafted FA… He was a 7th rounder

  • mike

    John Jerry is rated badly in some games yet he isn’t a dud.

  • Paul B

    The Colts OL improvement so far this year is my favorite development in a very long time– I’ve been waiting for years just to see them move out of the back half, but top 10 (albeit after 5 games)?? Gravy.

    I just hope that injuries and questionable player-shuffling don’t ruin the good start.

  • paulbip

    The Browns line are the guys making the big money.

  • i hate you

    dear seahawks fans
    shut the fuck up
    -seahawks fans

    • Jeremy Kraft

      ^butthurt 49ers fan

  • Jeremy Kraft

    Matt Kalil SUCKS. When will teams quit taking offensive linemen in the 1st round? Joe Thomas is a once a decade player. SMFH

  • Jeff O’Brien


  • Robert Miller

    The Chiefs are the worst team at run blocking but they average the 8th best YPC and 3rd most rushing yards per game. Makes sense.

    • Memphis

      I’m guessing jamal Charles evens it out lol

    • disqus_Fj7R9C5SPV

      Jamaal is still kicking ass, that o-line was hurting the passing game more than the run. As for YPC see Travis Kelce and Bowe might be up there… maybe.

  • Chris from the Cape

    With the Pats O-Line making huge strides in pass blocking from the first 4 weeks to the last 4, I’d be curious if anyone has any data to share-

  • GoDawgs

    The Colts line at number 9 seems extremely high when you constantly see Luck running for his life.

  • TOMP

    Bills OL isn’t ranked low enough. It is the heart of all evil when it comes to their offense. When you take into account other teams secondand third string players, the Bills OL comes in in the 50s at best.

  • Matt Spraker

    Hahahaha, seattle top ten. What a joke.