Offensive Deep League Gems – Week 9

Andrea Hangst takes a look at the four best deep league waiver wire additions for Week 9.

| 3 years ago
Martavis Bryant

Offensive Deep League Gems – Week 9

Martavis BryantThe halfway point of the fantasy football season has come and gone, which means it’s as good a time as any to start taking stock. It’s more than just wins and losses, it’s about looking at overall point totals, players who have bye weeks coming up, other players who may have worn out their welcomes on your roster and realistic chances of making the playoffs, regardless of your present record.

If your roster isn’t giving you what you need, or your bench is full of dead-weight players you have no intention of starting, then it’s time to scour the waiver wire for any additions that can make a positive difference. But if you’re in a 14-, 16-, 18- or even deeper league, the waiver wire might look a little thin nine weeks in.

However, there are some impressive gems worth your time out there, guys with low ownership percentages who are more likely to still be available in your deeper league. This week, the four we will look at are all wide receivers. If you’re losing patience with Calvin Johnson’s ankle, wonder where the heck Torrey Smith went in Week 8 or simply don’t like the receivers you have presently, here are four who can help you out, even in a picked-over waiver wire in a deeper league.

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