Offensive Deep League Gems – Week 11

Andrea Hangst provides the top three fantasy football waiver wire pickups for Week 11, tailored specifically for GMs in deeper leagues.

| 3 years ago

Offensive Deep League Gems – Week 11

52066d1694b12.image_The bulk of the real football season is behind us already, which means there’s even less fantasy football season ahead. Ten weeks have come and gone and by now you probably have some idea where your team stands in relation to the fantasy playoffs, which are rapidly approaching.

But whether your season already feels over to you or is just starting to get good, there are always ways to improve your team. That means, barring trades, the waiver wire is your best and perhaps only friend. The waiver wire, however, has been getting thinner with every passing week and, in deeper leagues, has been relatively thin all season long. Finding true contributors becomes more and more difficult.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible to target someone on the waiver wire who can add value to your roster. It just requires a bit more research, a bit more work and a bit more diligence than your fellow league-mates. That’s why we try to make it easier on you with this weekly deep league gems column; we take some of the work out of it for you.

But this week is a bit more difficult than usual. Generally, we try to present to you four options for waiver-wire pickups for those of you navigating the terrain of 14-, 16-, 18-team leagues (or more!). This week, we have only three, but all three have a purpose and all three should be more than available even in the deepest of deep leagues.

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