Offensive Deep League Gems – Week 1

Andrea Hangst opens up PFF Fantasy's in-season coverage with Week 1's Deep League Gems.

| 4 years ago

Offensive Deep League Gems – Week 1

ravens-buccaneers-football-marlon-brown-branden-smith_pg_600It’s the first week of the NFL regular season, which means it’s the first time you’ll be firing up your own fantasy football rosters and begin your (hopeful) path to a championship. Getting your roster right is hard enough in a standard 10- or 12-team league, but it can often become a Herculean task when you’re in a league with 14-, 16- or more teams. Pickings become slimmer and finding diamonds in the rough isn’t a mere luxury—it’s a mandate.

With nary a sample size to work from, the roster additions and subtractions prior to the kickoff of Week 1 are all about scouting for the future or taking advantage of short-term positive situations. Here are your Week 1 deep league gems, featuring both players you can stash away for use later as well as those who can contribute to your starting lineup now.

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