Odell Beckham is the NFL’s best WR right now

In 2014, the Giants rookie had one of the best seasons we've ever seen from a wide receiver.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

(AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

Odell Beckham is the NFL’s best WR right now

You may have noticed that on our new website we have top 10 player rankings listed on the right side of our Pro homepage – these rankings are based off of our PFF ratings that measure how good a player is right now, entering the 2015 season.

You may also have noticed that the Giants’ Odell Beckham Jr. is our No. 1-ranked wide receiver.

Years from now, the thing people will likely remember most about his rookie season is his spectacular one-handed catch against the Cowboys on “Sunday Night Football.” But what people should remember is that Beckham had one of the best nine-game stretches any receiver has gone through — let alone a rookie receiver.

After missing the first four games of the season, it took Beckham a little to dominate. But in each of the last nine games of the season, Beckham had at least 90 receiving yards. No other receiver in the PFF era has had that many consecutive games with at least 90 yards.

He did more than just accumulate yards; he was also efficient at doing so. His yards per route run average over the final six weeks of the season was at 3.61 — the best for any receiver in the PFF era with at least 150 routes run over the final six weeks.

It’s been on a small sample, but Beckham far outplayed the competition late in 2014. Anyone playing on a level that far above everyone else is bound to have a slight decline. But even taking that into account, he still measures up as the best wide receiver in the NFL entering the 2015 season. If you could only have one receiver right now, Beckham should be your man.

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  • Chris

    Oh snap, Kinja is back.

  • Tony

    Wait and see how defenses adjust to him before you say he’s the best we right now. I’d rank a guy with 3 + years of great production significantly higher than a guy who’s done it for 9 games. Let’s ease the breaks here.

    • quad


    • herewegobrowniesherewego

      At the same time, maybe he has only started to learn to “adjust to” opposing defenses. (I’ve never been a fan of the “they have film on him now” argument. Does his college film, and the during-the-season film review, count for nothing, and is he not going to be able to review opposing defenses’ film?)

      That said, the biggest “ease the brakes” argument is that the Giants’ offense really wasn’t much more productive with him on the field (i.e. he merely took catches away from what would’ve gone elsewhere,) and the team was only 4-8 with him on the field (but it seems like very few elite WRs do that much in the way of wins.) Perhaps this is because the scheme led to Eli forcing passes to him more.

  • Rick Gaille

    I coached against OBJ when he was in high school and think the world of him. Has anyone gotten more out of 12 games than Odell? I think he is just hitting his stride.

    • Chris Mccartin

      I agree it’s funny how the NFL is in its most unpredictable era ever and everyone changes their opinion on a weekly basis. This isn’t just fans this is led by the media and they feed into this…every week another guy is the guy if he had a big week or 2. Right now odell is doing OK for him but he is also drawing a ridiculous maybe never before seen amount of attention from defenses for his crazy skill.set and his boistrious personality and insane fame so fast…but let’s relax . Julio Jones A Brown these guys are 4 the 5th eyar guys and Odell will.have some growing pains mostly due to the lack of any other dangerous weapon on the giants. The offense is run completely around him and how defenses aproach covering him and when they have Cruz back and Randle knees are good they are a dangerous offense with the most explosive playmaker in the league maybe not the best wr but he is the most explosive and exciting.

  • Gordon Paesani

    Sorry but one year doesn’t grant best in the league. Calvin still top dog.

  • Trevor Michael

    I feel like the pace Odell is traveling at in a year or two he will most definitely be the best receiver but I feel guys like Julio and Steve Smith are far better due to experience in the league.