OAK-SD Grades: Carr lights up the Chargers for road victory

The top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Raiders’ 37-29 win over the Chargers.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

(AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast)

OAK-SD Grades: Carr lights up the Chargers for road victory

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Raiders’ 37-29 win over the Chargers.

Oakland Raiders

– QB Derek Carr (+3.2) earned a positive grade for the fourth consecutive game, with an efficient performance. Carr was nearly perfect when not pressured: 19-of-23 for 253 yards, three touchdowns, and a 152.1 QB Rating. WR Amari Cooper was Carr’s top target in the game, finishing with five catches for 133 yards and a touchdown, good for a season-best +3.4 grade.

– OLB Khalil Mack (+5.8 overall grade) continued his dominant season, recording six QB hurries for the second week in a row. Mack’s +4.5 run defense grade was his best of the season, and he now leads all NFL 3-4 OLBs in both overall grade and run defense grade. The Buffalo product has finished with a negative PFF grade in just two of his 23 career games.

– LG Gabe Jackson (+1.1) was perfect in pass protection for the third time this season. Jackson has yet to allow a sack in 2015, and ranks fifth among NFL guards with a +12.1 overall grade.

Top performers:

C Rodney Hudson (+6.5)
OLB Khalil Mack (+5.8)
WR Amari Cooper (+3.4)
QB Derek Carr (+3.2)
NT Dan Williams (+1.9)


San Diego Chargers

– QB Philip Rivers (-2.3) had trouble with extra pass rushers, finishing with a -2.1 grade on 17 snaps against the blitz. San Diego was unable to consistently move the ball until late in the second half, when the Raiders were in prevent coverages to protect their huge lead. 114 of Rivers’ 336 passing yards came on checkdown passes and screens to HBs Danny Woodhead and Branden Oliver.

– C Trevor Robinson (-6.5) earned a negative grade for the fifth consecutive game after allowing seven QB hurries and struggling in the run game. Raiders NT Dan Williams (+1.9) consistently dominated Robinson with bull rushes throughout the game.

– Although the Raiders finished with modest rushing statistics (26 rushes for 130 yards, 58 yards after contact), their offensive line dominated San Diego in the run game. The Chargers finished with a -10.7 team run defense grade, and missed seven tackles on rushing plays. DE Kendall Reyes (-3.5 run defense grade) was consistently sealed by the Raiders’ offensive line, and also failed to record a pressure in 19 pass rush attempts.

Top performers:

RT Joe Barksdale (+2.6)
RG D.J. Fluker (+2.2)
OLB Jerry Attaochu (+1.5)
LG Orlando Franklin (+0.9)
HB Branden Oliver (+0.8)

  • Riffle,Rod&Fly

    Did Joe Philbin secretly show up in SD and start running the show?

  • Tim Edell

    I will give to Reggie the Raiders 2014 draft will go down as the turning point for this franchise. Getting Mack, Carr, and Gabe Jackson in the first 3 rounds along with TJ Carrie in the 7th was quite a haul. Adding Cooper this year has really set them up for future success.

    • Tyrell Turley

      And the other two top performers Rodney Hudson and Dan Williams weren’t playing in Oakland last year. Solid drafting solid FA pickups. Reggie is finally starting to put it together.

    • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

      all the more crazy cause how he screwed the pooch in 2013 draft for the first 5 rounds (granted menelik watson has a chance to still be ok down the road)

      • Tito Puente

        The top half of the 2013 draft was not nearly as bad as you, or ‘conventional wisdom’, would suggest… and, Reggie came out with far more than any fan or team should hope from a GM entering a draft without a 2nd or a 5th rd pick, finding: a starting RB, starting TE, starting CB, starting RT, starting LB plus a rotational WR and DT.

        DJ Hayden, in spite of the narrative, has not proven himself to be unequivocally awful, yet, besides, he and Watson combined are about 10 times as good as Dion Jordan, while Sio Moore may have been their second best defender before he was traded/cut for attitude issues . That’s a better haul in the top three rounds of the draft than at least a third of the NFL that year, and Reggie did it with two picks, but no matter…

        As your narrative conveniently ignores the fact — Reggie knocked it out of the park in the part of the 2013 draft (you know, the late rounds, where we’re constantly told ‘GMs reveal their true added value’), grabbing Latavius Murray in the sixth round, Mychal Rivera in the sixth round, Stacy Mcgee, who had four tackles on Sunday, in the sixth round, and Brice Butler in the 7th rd.

        • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

          i mentioned the first 5 rounds cause he did good in the later rounds, cry baby

          • Tito Puente

            well, i’ve clearly proven you have no point..

            and you’ve obviously revealed you have nothing more to offer…

            is that it then?


          • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

            that’s it, resume microwaving your dinner from your mom’s basement, interent warrior

          • Tito Puente

            it’s cool, your girl already hooked me up, but i guess i could use some food too…

          • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi

            go broncos

          • Tito Puente



            touche, doo-shay..

          • Jeffrey Kwit

            That would be game, set, and match to Tito Puente!

          • Jeffrey Kwit

            BTW, real nice write up, as well ; )

          • http://batman-news.com CliiperDave

            DJ Hayden was a bad pick. High injury risk and not 1st rnd talent. see article on this site- 12 tds allowed and 3 picks in his career. Watson was bad pick, he was not doing well before he got hurt. Blowing 1st and 2nd round picks wil catch up to you. But according to Tito Reggie “knocked it out o fthe park” with the later rounds. L Murray – looks good occasionally but gets benched at end of games because of fumbling issues. M Rivera – average to poor TE. Sio Moore was a good pick- was probably the best pick of the draft he was ok. But Del Rio screwed that one up by trading him for peanuts. and S Mcgee and B Butler are not difference makers. so basically they got 2 average players r. And Reggie screwed up the 2012 draft too. trading the picks for Palmer (wish he had stayed).TPryor, J Campbell, A Curry. he set the team back 2 years. The team doing well now but we could have been better if 2012 and 13 weren’t so bad

          • Tito Puente

            Here we go, yet another moron tossing feces at the wall to see what sticks.

            Ummm, earth to genius — Mckenzie was hired in 2012, and he didn’t make a single one of those trades you just claimed he did.

            I’m not going to argue with you about DJ, a lot of people think he’s a bust, i’m not convinced, but he was only one half of that first round pick, because the people BEFORE mckenzie traded away the Raiders 2013 2nd round pick, so Reggie smartly turned a 1st rounder into a 1st and a 2nd. Your note on Watson is dumb/wrong, he was raw when he came in, they knew that, but he had a terrific preseason and was set to be the Raiders starting RT for the foreseeable future.

            Now on to correcting all your mistakes — you should grab a snack, this could take a while…

            It was Hue Jackson who made that retarded trade and gave away their future for Palmer (trading a 1st rd pick in 2012 and a 2nd rd pick in 2013), while the TRADES for Campbell and Curry, and the DRAFTING of Pryor in the supplementary draft were all done before Reggie was hired (you also forgot the trade for Joe Barksdale, that cost the Raiders a 2nd round pick — and was also done BEFORE Reggie was even hired).

            All of those trades AND drafts happened before he arrived.

            The Raiders had just TWO picks in the 2012 NFL draft when Mckenzie was hired, they got a few compensatory picks but Reggie’s highest pick in the 2012 draft was at the end of the third round, a compensatory pick.

            I would agree, the 2012 draft was weak, with only Tony Bergstrom and Miles Burris to show for it — but when your very first pick as a GM is the 95th in the draft, and when your very first draft in the NFL includes only two picks in the first five rounds, it’s not like you’re going to find Amari Cooper or Khalil Mack.

            The single best thing McKenzie did in his first year and a half was not waste future draft picks by chasing the current draft… Reggie knew his team was terrible, but he had the discipline to watch them be bad, so they could eventually fix the draft pick and salary cap situations, and find some promising young players in the draft — when Reggie arrived the Raiders had $50 million in dead money, with the worst salary cap and worst draft pick situations in the entire NFL.

            Because Reggie was so patient the Raiders now have the best cap situation in the entire NFL, and have drafted better than any other team in the NFL over the last couple years.

            so yeah, if you’re going to diss Freckle Shrek you may want to know what the hell you’re talking about, aka might wanna do your research… Genius….

            FYI from Raiders.com


            Four of the Raiders’ selections in the 2012 NFL Draft were traded for five current players, including four who remain with the Silver and Black. QB Carson Palmer was acquired from the Cincinnati Bengals for the 2012 first round pick (17th overall).

            The Raiders traded up last year to take T Joe Barksdale acquiring a 2011 third round selection from the New England Patriots for the Raiders 2012 second round pick (48thoverall). The Raiders also got a 4th round pick from the Patriots in that deal and selected RB Taiwan Jones.

            QB Jason Campbell, now with the Chicago Bears, was traded from the Redskins to the Raiders in 2010 for a 2012 fourth-round pick (109th overall). During the 2011 season, the Raiders sent their 2011 seventh round selection to the Seattle Seahawks for LB Aaron Curry. In addition, the Raiders used their third round pick in this year’s draft, to select Ohio State QB Terrelle Pryor in the 2011 NFL Supplemental Draft.

            The Raiders first selection in the 2012 NFL Draft came at the end of the third round with the first of three compensatory picks (#95 overall). Hall of Fame cornerback Willie Brown was at Radio City Music Hall in New York and announced the Silver and Black’s selection of Utah offensive lineman Tony Bergstrom. The versatile offensive lineman started his final 38 games for Utah at right offensive tackle

          • http://batman-news.com CliiperDave

            your attitude is quite condescending but I will reply one more time anyway. My bad -R M didn’t actually trade the 2012 picks . He just didn’t do anything with what he had in 2012. But this thread is about the 2013 draft not 2012. And I was responding to your comment that he knocked it out of the park in 2013, which he did not . and if you read PFF you would see that Watson had horrible ratings.

            Or are we debating whether RM is not a good GM? which he is not . actually he had palmer for that 2012 # 1 . but then traded CP away for a #6. Not looking good. and yes he inhereited a full cap , but finally when the space opened up last year he loaded up on old veterans like:

            Additions: Austin Howard, Justin Tuck, Lamarr Woodley, Antonio Smith, Tarell Brown, Donald Penn, Matt Schaub, James Jones, Kevin Boothe, Maurice Jones-Drew, Carlos Rogers, Kory Sheets, C.J. Wilson

            not a good haul. Penn is good but that is it. and this year he signs curtis lofton ? nate allen T Rich? yuk. at least he got D. Williams.

            but whether by luck or skill he did get AC and Mack but they were top 5 picks so not that hard to get good players there.. and he did do well with Gabe Jackson and R Hudson.
            Raiders are much improved but I am not confident in Reggie.

          • Tito Puente

            Why shouldn’t i condescend to an absolute idiot? One who I’m required to educate about this team he claims to know something about?

            Yeah, ‘your bad’… are you kidding me, your scathing review of Reggie’s ‘track record’ was one of the most ingnorant statements I’ve ever read. Someone who isn’t even paying enough attention to know whether his GM was responsible for the pile of garbage he was handed is obviously not worth reading or listening to, so here’s your last bone -doggie.

            Feel free to share Amari Cooper’s PFF grades from junior high, but If you’d care for a recent opinion/notes from Pro Football Focus on Watson, here you go, from August:

            “Meanwhile, Watson has not only edged out Howard, he has looked pretty good in the preseason while doing so. He didn’t score off of the charts with PFF, registering a +0.7 grade, but it was still good enough to be the best starter on offense.”

            “Carr had a passer rating under pressure of just 9.8 in the game, which makes the loss of OT Menelik Watson to a torn Achilles potentially even more impactful. Watson has had his struggles as a pro, but was slated to start at right tackle this year and was having a solid preseason, allowing just one pressure in his 52 snaps before injury.”

        • Eletania

          Our top picks in 2013 were definitely more developmental and Hayden has been coming along of late. The most unfortunate thing has been their injuries keeping them off the field – we don’t know what we have yet!

    • Tito Puente

      yup, not to mention fourth rounder Justin ‘jelly’ Ellis, who was First Team All Rookie at DT (plus Keith McGill, Shelby Harris and Seth Roberts as a FA, who after a year on the practice squad is also in the mix).