NYJ-MIA Grades: Chris Ivory leads Jets’ offense

The top takeaways from Sunday’s NYJ-MIA game in London, including the highest graded players from each team.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

(AP Photo/Matt Dunham)

NYJ-MIA Grades: Chris Ivory leads Jets’ offense

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Jets-Dolphins game:

Miami Dolphins

– Slumping to their third straight defeat, the Miami Dolphins and star signing Ndamukong Suh (+0.4) continue to confound and frustrate with inconsistent and disappointing performances. Suh impressed on a pair of plays, splitting Nick Mangold (-3.7) and Breno Giacomini (-0.5) to take power runs away behind the line of scrimmage. Still, he shares some culpability for the Dolphins being gutted up the middle too early, too often, allowing the game to get away from Miami.

– This was not a classic game in terms of quarterback performances, with Ryan Tannehill (-3.9) joining his counterpart Ryan Fitzpatrick (-5.4) in an ugly game, the two trying to out-do each other for poor accuracy and execution. Tannehill was strong on intermediate passes outside the numbers (four-for-seven, 54 yards, two touchdowns, +1.7 PFF passing grade) but struggled over the middle at the intermediate level, and was customarily unproductive on throws 20+ yards down the field (one-for-seven, 42 yards, one interception, -2.3 PFF passing grade) as he failed to come up with the plays to turn the tide for Miami, even though the Jets never quite put the game out of reach.

– This was a “Jekyll and Hyde” performance from Jarvis Landry, who dropped a pair of passes as a receiver (-2.3), but was his usual elusive self as a return man, racking up 189 return yards on eight kick and punt returns (+3.6). As a return man, Landry forced eight missed tackles to go with his two as a receiver, but a trio of drops over the last two weeks really limits a receiver who makes his living on short passes and needs to snag every catchable pass to maximize his efficiency.

Top performers:

LB Koa Misi (+2.5)

S Reshad Jones (+1.7)

RT Ja’Wuan James (+1.7)

CB Zackary Bowman (+1.6)

LT Jason Fox (+1.4)


New York Jets

– First-round pick Leonard Williams (+8.6) has gradually raised his game over the first three weeks of the season, and put on an absolute show at Wembley Stadium. Williams more than doubled his pass rushing production for the season, racking up 10 pressures (four hits, six hurries) to go with two stops against the run in a dominating performance.

– Keying the offense for the Jets was Chris Ivory, who racked up 110 yards after contact and broke nine Miami tackles en route to a career day. Ivory got yards all across the defensive front, but had particular joy running off of James Carpenter (+3.2), picking up 67 yards on eight carries either side of the Jets’ new left guard.

– As impressive as Ivory and Williams were, the Jets will be thankful that today’s game did not rest on the misfiring arm of Ryan Fitzpatrick (-5.4), whose best plays came on scrambles after evading pressure. Fitzpatrick earned a passing grade below -3.5 for the second week in a row, with his downfield passing (after a big completion to Brandon Marshall on the Jets’ first play from scrimmage) particularly problematic.

Top performers:

DE Leonard Williams (+8.6)

HB Chris Ivory (+5.2)

LG James Carpenter (+3.2)

DE Muhammad Wilkerson (+2.7)

ILB Demario Davis (+1.2)

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  • bturner4559

    Great info. You guys making writing articles so much easier.

  • Zack23

    Fitzpatrick was horrible to watch. Overthrow, under throw, overthrow, under throw. A huge liability against decent NFL teams.

    I love how NY media were praising him after the first deep throw to Marshall for “silencing his critics” about his arm strength.

    • Biebs

      Yeah… I was a laughing when I saw that. The Jets are 3-1, so they aren’t making a change, but considering the talent the Jets have at WR now vs. what they’ve had in the past, I’m not convinced that Geno Smith is a worse option. Fitzpatrick is absolutely saved by being able to throw to Marshall.

      • Anonymous

        Everyone wants to get on Fitzpatrick for not hitting enough deep balls, or taking some chances with the ball but do people honestly believe that Geno Smith is a better option? I mean really honestly believe it, because I’ve seen some people actually write that. Geno Smith, the guy that averages 2 turnovers a game, makes horrible decisions with the ball (yes worse than Fitzpatrick), can’t read a defense, clearly not a guy people in the locker room respect (punched out. Do you think anyone would ever take a swing at Fitz?) etc, etc, etc.

        People really believe that he’s a better option? Look Fitz isn’t some amazing top 10 QB but there’s zero doubt, ZERO that he’s better for this team than Geno is. They’re 3-1. Marshall has 3 consecutive 100 yard games and Decker has a TD in every game he’s played. Their offense is competent (15th in yards, 16th in points for). The only time it didn’t look that was for 2 quarters against the Eagles when they were missing Ivory/Decker. Of Fitz’s 6 INT’s, 2 were tipped balls (one at the line, one a drop by Marshall). The other 4 were all on deep balls. The only thing this Jets defense needs is a guy to make a few plays and not throw the ball directly to the other team (aka. the staple of the Geno Smith offense).

        Fitz isn’t amazing, never said he was, but Geno Smith is NOT the answer. His career QBR/passer rating/whatever metric you’d like to use to evaluate QB’s is significantly worse than Fitzpatrick’s. The team is 3-1, about to get Sheldon Richardson back. Stop trying to create a QB controversy where there isn’t one.

        • Douglass Pinkard

          You, sir, are a god.

      • Douglass Pinkard

        …and the fact that Geno Smith can’t throw to anyone. He’d miss trying to throw the ball to the ground. What everyone should understand is, all Fitzpatrick is is a holding pattern; there to show the two kids behind him how Chan Gailey’s offense is run so one of them can (hopefully) take over from him next year. I don’t recall Tom Brady starting game 1 of his rookie season either, but watched Drew Bledsoe first.

        • Biebs

          I don’t get this…

          Geno Smith, without Brandon Marshall, completed just under 60% of his passes last year (59.7%, with 13TDs/13INTs).. This includes a game where the WRs were Kerley, Salas, and David Nelson
          Ryan Fitzpatrick, with Marshall, has completed just over 60% (60.7% with 7Tds/6INTs).

          FItzpatrick has done some things well, but the idea that he’s significantly more accurate than Geno Smith is not true.

  • Sam Doohan

    Glad to see a ‘top 10 quarterback’ really paying off for the Fins. Mmhmm. Top ten caliber performance for sure.

    Let’s have some traditional statistics on Tannehill – Zero of sixteen on third and fourth down. Zero. Nothing. They didn’t pick up a third down or fourth down all game.

    With 8 minutes left in the 4th quarter, in a two score game, Tannehill takes TEN straight passes at the end zone. The result? Picked off in the end zone. And the next drive, with the clock running down he does it again. Picked in the end zone and the Jets run out the clock.

    It was a dismal performance by the whole Fins team against a great Jets D, absolutely. But when Andrew Luck flames out against Buffalo and New York the PFF guys dog pile on him and call him the most over-rated played in the NFL ever (which I’m sure makes Ryan Leaf feel better) while Tannehill has looked like a garbage fire in four straight games and yet somehow he’s still a darling of the advanced stats crowd.

    Right now he looks exactly like a guy who couldn’t quite win a starting job. At the start of the season they were supposed to have a better supporting cast for him, a better D, all the tools he needs to succeed and he’s not doing anything with it. Maybe he’ll come back, maybe he’ll show something in coming weeks but if you can’t perform against good opposition then you aren’t all that good. Andrew Luck is in that category too by the way – a guy who performs against bad teams but is lackluster against anyone else.

    • Rodney

      Yeah, Tannehill has been pretty awful this season no one can deny that. But do you see what’s around him? The Dolphins have one of the WORST defenses in the NFL this season. They can’t stop the run, can’t cover anyone in the secondary, and can’t rush the passer. 1 sack.. ONE sack in 4 games. The offensive line is, quite frankly, offensive. Nothing but abysmal performances game after game. They can’t run block or pass protect. They have single-handedly killed our run game by being so horrible. The pass protection as a whole, including when backs and tight ends stay in to block is suspect.

      And good lord, the play-calling… Bill Lazor’s play calling makes you want to scratch your eyes out. What did they have? 40 passes to 10 runs plays or something of that note? The Dolphins are just an awful football team. And Tannehill is a healthy contributor but those around him really don’t do him any favors either. Miami is quite possibly the worst team in the NFL. That’s what happens when you allow a sub. 500 coach to remain with his buffoonery of a staff intact. Horrible coaching, horrible execution. Just a nightmare of a team, the Miami Dolphins.

      • JC Harris

        As a Dolphin fan I wish I could disagree with you, but this all goes back to Ross as the owner. He saddles GM’s with coaches they didn’t pick, then when the GM is fired he brings in a new one and the coach with a GM that didn’t pick him. Whoever is informing him on football matters is making him look like an idiot. He is WAY too loyal to under performers. I wonder if he’d keep Philbin if it was a business he was running, and would keep him if he rfused to fire an under performing staff member (Coyle) while hamstringing the play calling of the other one (Lazor)?

      • FatherOfEighteen

        As a lifelong phins fan, I have to agree. This stinks!

    • JC Harris

      Kind of ridiculous to blame the red zone pass plays on Tannehill. He is not calling the plays and is not allowed to audible. Place blame where it belongs at least; the coordinators and the head coach.

  • crosseyedlemon

    Maybe it’s time Roger Goodell considered replacing the current Florida teams with the Seminoles, Gators and Hurricanes.