NYJ-IND grades: Luck ties worst grade of career

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Colts-Jets Monday Night Football game.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

NYJ-IND grades: Luck ties worst grade of career

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Colts-Jets game:

Indianapolis Colts

–We’re used to seeing Andrew Luck (-6.2) produce some poor passes throughout the course of a game, but this was one of the rare instances of Luck piling bad play upon bad play and never turning the corner. Luck matched the worst grade of his career (set against the Patriots in last year’s playoffs), suffering as the Jets pressure and coverage combined to stifle his downfield passing as he compiled a stat line of 5-of-17 for 107 yards, three interceptions and a PFF passing grade of -4.8 on passes of 10 or more yards in the air.

–Considering the offense’s struggles, the Colts’ defense held up reasonably well, particularly up front where two rookies from Stanford stood out against the run. Both NT David Parry (+2.0) and DE Henry Anderson (+1.8) outworked and at times overpowered a physical Jets offensive line, with undrafted free agent Parry’s work against Nick Mangold (-0.6), arguably the league’s best center in the run game, particularly impressive.

–The problems for the Colts’ offense are too numerous to list here, but continuing struggles on the offensive line raise questions as to why a fix is so difficult to find here. Only Anthony Castonzo (+0.1) earned a marginally positive overall grade with new RG Todd Herremans (-10.9) in particular struggling in the ground game against the Jets’ powerful defensive line. For all the investment at the skill positions, if the Colts can’t find the right formula on the offensive line, the entire unit will continue to be handicapped.

Top performers:

ILB D’Qwell Jackson (+3.7)

FS Mike C. Adams (+2.5)

NT David Parry (+2.0)

DE Henry Anderson (+1.8)

ILB Jerrell Freeman (+1.7)

New York Jets

–He has produced better games than this in his career, but QB Ryan Fitzpatrick (+0.6) did everything he needed to do to lead the Jets to victory, limiting his mistakes and taking the plays the Colts and his playmakers gave him to capitalize on Indianapolis’ turnovers. Finding a consistent rhythm with both Eric Decker (-0.3) and Brandon Marshall (+0.9), Fitzpatrick and Jets fans will hope that Eric Decker’s knee injury is not so severe as to keep him out of the lineup for too long.

–The Jets defense stole the show last night and they were led up front by a vintage performance from DE Muhammad Wilkerson (+7.1) against both run and pass. Somewhat overshadowed in the last two seasons by Sheldon Richardson, Wilkerson has capitalized on Richardson’s absence in the last two weeks, and after last night’s eight pressure performance (2 hits, 6 hurries) is now our highest graded 3-4 defensive end after two weeks of play (+11.5).

–First-round pick Leonard Williams (-0.4) put in a solid performance against the run (+1.4) with a pair of stops, but lived up to his pre-draft expectations as a pass-rusher. Registering a hit and two hurries, Williams essentially took what he was given rather than being a threat to steal more. A couple of slow developing pressures were paired with a miss on Andrew Luck after Colts’ LG Lance Louis (-3.4) decided to give him a free run at his quarterback.

Top performers:

DE Muhammad Wilkerson (+7.1)

ILB David Harris (+3.4)

CB Darrelle Revis (+2.7)

DE Stephen Bowen (+2.2)

FS Marcus Gilchrist (+1.7)

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  • The Mysteries of Bob

    Breaking news: adding players from the wrong side of 30 isn’t the way to win the Super Bowl and Luck remains overrated.

    At least the Colts will begin their AFC South cakewalk next week on their way to another 4th seed.

    • Darnell

      I don’t know about that this year.

      Jax has some nice olinemen, two capable running backs in Yeldon and Denard, an improving young qb with upside, and decent weapons in Thomas, Robinson, Lee and Hurns.

      Their dline can get after it too.

      I trust Gus Bradley to get his guys fired up moreso than Pagano too.

  • Kason Edell

    when will the premium stats be available?

    • Drew

      I’m wondering the same thing. No idea why PFF decided to cut off my access to something I’m willing to pay for. If they are transitioning to a new system, they should extend access to the old stats until the transition is complete instead of leaving their customers in the wind during the NFL season.

      • RC Carlton

        They def should have left the old stats up or converted to the new system earlier. The old system was fine anyway

    • RC Carlton

      so annoying

      • Kason Edell

        I really loved the old system.

    • All-Pro

      I was told the following via email on 9/14:

      The new product will be available later this month, though we are not sure exactly when.

      Like Drew said, why cut off something people are willing to pay. Strange.

  • Joseph

    I saw Luck get hit while throwing at least 3 times last night and they only have it has 1.

    • Joseph

      sorry they have that he got hit while throwing 0 times last night… I should have known to trust these stats blindly was foolish

      • vfj

        He took a beating…again

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  • William Sells

    It is obvious that Luck is not getting enough time in the pocket for pass completions. This Offensive line is responsible to protect him and is failing. Suggest Irsay institute a bonus program thru GM to award these linemen for future protection services. I think they look at their salaries compared to Luck and say how come he gets so much money when we are the ones who make it happen on the field. They should be motivated more and a bonus would do a lot for their efforts on the field of play.

    • Tim Edell

      Bonus for doing your job???? What??!?

      • William Sells

        Think about it the linemen are getting 5% of what Luck’s salary is now.

  • William Sells

    Maybe Andrew should give them an incentive.

  • William Sells

    It is called buying time and Andrew needs the time.

  • Tim Edell

    This is the second time in a PFF article that you stated Parry was undrafted FA. He was drafted in the 5th round!

    • https://twitter.com/MALACHiOFCOURSE Malachi