NYG-PHI: Sloppy NFC East matchup leaves both at 3-3

The top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Eagles' 27-7 Monday Night Football win over the Giants.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Michael Perez)

(AP Photo/Michael Perez)

NYG-PHI: Sloppy NFC East matchup leaves both at 3-3

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the Eagles’ 27-7 victory over the Giants on Monday Night Football:

Philadelphia Eagles

– After a rough start to the season, last night was a breakout for this new look Philadelphia offensive line, paving the way for DeMarco Murray’s (+0.2) first 100-yard game as an Eagle. Led by LT Jason Peters (+4.7) the Eagles’ line looked back to its physical best, gaining vertical movement on their double-teams to open up big lanes for running backs (Murray and Ryan Mathews), particularly on the drive that led to Murray’s touchdown. All five offensive linemen earned a positive grade this week, paving the way for Murray and company to gain 91 of their 158 rushing yards before contact.

– The signs are still showing in flashes for Sam Bradford (-0.8). A real breakthrough would catapult the Eagles even further forwards, but costly mistakes are still limiting his progress. His deep pass to Riley Cooper for his lone touchdown was one of a trio of downfield completions that were offset by a trio of downfield interceptions (one overthrown, one forced, one miscommunication). This performance was indicative of the work Bradford and the Eagles still have to do to realize their full potential.

– A sixth straight positive grade of the season moves Fletcher Cox inside our top 5 graded 3-4 defensive ends at this early stage of the season. Cox added four stops to his season total, including his fifth sack of the season, which came early in the third quarter, driving through Giants’ RG Geoff Schwartz (-0.7) to force a fumble from Eli Manning (-3.9), bringing a swift end to the Giants’ first drive of the second half.

Top performers:

LT Jason Peters (+4.7)

DE Fletcher Cox (+4.2)

OLB Brandon Graham (+3.0)

RT Lane Johnson (+2.8)

S Malcolm Jenkins (+2.4)


New York Giants

– Only two quarterbacks sit below Eli Manning (-3.9) in terms of overall grade after the first six weeks of the season, as Manning turned in a third straight poor start. After a strong start, culminating with a well-placed touchdown pass to Odell Beckham Jr. (+1.1) for a touchdown, the wheels fell off for Manning and the Giants. His pick six was baffling to say the least and he did nothing to overcome that the rest of the way.

– The support around him was lacking, but DT Johnathan Hankins (+4.6) turned in the kind of quality all-round display that has made him one of the better defensive tackles in the league over the last two seasons. Hankins registered a batted pass and four hurries in the passing game, while giving all he had against the Eagles’ interior in what, at times, seemed to be a lonely effort to stop the Philadelphia ground game.

– It’s rare that a player contributes in all three phases of the game these days, but that was the case for Nikita Whitlock last night, contributing (not always positively) on offense (+0.9), defense (+0.9) and special teams (0.0). Starting with a low note, it was Whitlock’s running into the kicker penalty that re-started a drive that ultimately led to DeMarco Murray’s rushing touchdown after the defense had forced a three and out. Whitlock worked hard to offset that throughout the game with some solid lead blocking, two tackles on special teams, and his fifth pressure of the season on only 31 defensive snaps.

Top performers:

DT Johnathan Hankins (+4.6)

LB J.T. Thomas (+1.5)

LG Justin Pugh (+1.2)

WR Odell Beckham Jr. (+1.1)

FB/DT Nikita Whitlock (+0.9 offense; +0.9 defense)

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Ben joined Pro Football Focus in 2007, and has since been in charge of the company’s analysis process. He also contributes to PFF’s weekly NFL podcast.

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  • Ali Majd

    No mention of the turnstiles that were Flowers and Newhouse?

    • BITW44

      I would love to see what Newhouse’s grade was. Terrible signing, he has never shown anything prior to coming to NY

      • mormonrock124

        He’s supposed to be a back up and not a starter, so the sooner Beatty gets back the better.

  • mormonrock124

    The grading system isn’t full proof but to have Eli ranked as low as they do almost makes the grading system irrelevant. The Giants lead the league in drops yet Eli is completing over 64% of his passes. If a QB isn’t charged against drops and he only has 4 picks on the year than it is tough to say he hasn’t been good or somehow had a bad performance against the 49ers when he completed over 75% of his passes for 441 yds.

    This was the teams worst game of the season, but the QB play wasn’t poor by any means. At a base level you need to give time to the QB and when he is pressured on 38% of his passes than most likely bad things will happen. This is supposed to grade the things the QB can control not the other way around.

    • MrBoo

      Not poor by any means? a horrible Pick6 (without pressure), 3 sacks and fumbles and 3 Flags for grounding….yes he gets pressured but his passes were really bad even if he had the time.

      • mormonrock124

        I was speaking more to the 49ers game than the game yesterday. However the grounding penalties are irrelevant since the result would’ve been a sack in each case. If a QB gets sacked 6 times and has multiple drop passes including one that goes for a pick than I would say the issue isn’t the QB in this scenario. Eli didn’t play well, but poor isn’t the correct assessment.

        • MrBoo

          well first, grounding looses more yards than a sack. also not every sack can be blamed on the Oline. Tom Brady has a below O Line, but his quick passes prevent so much pressure. No clue why eli holds it so much. if you fumble on 2 out of 3 sacks, this speaks to your awarness as well… And if the worst grade of pff for 1 play is -2, this pick6 deserves -5…

          • mormonrock124

            Grounding is the same as sack. It is the yards where the throw took place and loss of down, so in essence its a sack without giving the defensive player the credit for the sack. Eli prior to this game was getting rid of the ball in 1.89 seconds 4th best in the league. In this game he held onto it at 2.65 seconds the longest he’s held the ball all year, which means he didn’t have an open receiver. He fumbled once, was called for an illegal touching, and 2 grounding penalties which shows you how much pressure he was under throughout the game. Again that isn’t in his control. The pick 6 was bad and like I said didn’t play well, but to say he was poor is a gross overstatement.

            Looking at the overall grades of both QB’s you can’t tell me Bradford was better. No pressure at all all game, tossed 3 picks but a couple of downfield passes were the difference? Grading systems seems pretty flawed to me.

          • MrBoo

            well bradford is as bad as him this year. since they dont show play to play grades, we cant see which throw was hard or great. 2 of the 3 INT were really bad also, but at least he did not gave points away. I think the difference in the grade is mainly on this Pick6. after the first drive the giants had 170 yards i think and maybe 50 after the half? someone has to play bad to be that low. Eli already lost 2 games this season for the giants (cowboys, falcons)… he did not lose this one alone, but he helped a bad eagles team a lot.

          • mormonrock124

            I think you’re giving the QB too much credit for wins and losses. Eli was responsible for 1 turnover and yes it lead directly to points and should be graded as bad as it can, but If one throw or one decision leads to a loss than I would questionsthe other 52 guys on their team and what their role is.

          • MrBoo

            well i think we disagree on this point. I think a qb cant throw away the game. if his balls are dropped or his Line does not block, there is still no reason for him to ruin the game with stupid plays. He gets paid like no other position. Eli had a poor fumble vs the falcons, a double brain lag vs the giants (“dont score”, throw ball away on third and this pick6. all three plays turned the game around and noone else could be blamed

          • mormonrock124

            So if his teammates do nothing to help him out at all than he still needs to make all the plays because he gets paid slightly more than Ryan Tannehill? I don’t think I can agree with a general premise like that. The turning point was Donnell’s brain fart when the Giants were driving again when Eli had completed 10 straight passes. The pick 6 was bad but the Giants were down a TD certainly not an unmanageable number to come back from and after that Jennings fumbled and the Eagles proceeded to basically hit him on ever pass attempt there after. If you don’t block, catch passes, or in general do your job than the QB no matter how great can’t do his job.

          • Steven Caponi

            Well Cam Newton seems to be doing it every game, so I wouldn’t say there isn’t a single QB that can’t lol. The panthers lead the league in dropped passes and dropped pass %, and they are still getting it done…. FYI

          • Joe Sulovski

            with a Defense that is top notch… he doesn’t need to win games, just not lose them

          • mormonrock124

            Cam is avg 213 yds passing, 45 yds rushing, and completing 55% of his passes…I would say the defense deserves a great deal of credit for their 5 wins over sub. 500 teams.

    • curph

      Eli’s playing like he’s taken too many shots to the head. Every game this year he’s had plays that make you wonder where his brain was. The pick six he threw in this game was absolutely terrible. He definitely has some good stretches but that makes me wonder even more about the brain freezes.

    • http://MomWage.com Jane Swearingen

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  • Brian

    I dont know, not saying Eli was great and I know the grades rank each individual player on their own, like in a vacuum, but look at that o line! At least the tackles. Newhouse looks like he got beat on every snap, some weren’t even close. It was like the Eagles game last year where he just had zero hope to even get the ball out.