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Justin Layne can be the answer to Pittsburgh's outside cornerback problem

PFF's Daniel Rymer explains why Justin Layne could be the defensive playmaker that the Pittsburgh Steelers badly need.

The NFL's team-killers ahead of the 2019 NFL season

Every NFL team has a nemesis. PFF's Ben Linsey takes a look at the players who have performed best against each team in the NFL over the last 13 seasons.

2 days ago
PFF50: The NFL's 50 best players entering the 2019 season

PFF lists the NFL's 50 best players entering the 2019 season.

3 days ago
Cleveland Browns cut LT Desmond Harrison, releasing an intriguing pass-blocking option into the market

The Cleveland Browns have released LT Desmond Harrison. PFF's Mike Manning explains why he's an intriguing option for a team in need of pass-blocking help.

Mike Hilton is the epitome of the often-undervalued and underrated slot cornerback position

Good slot cornerbacks backs are hard to come by and ever-so valuable in today's NFL, making Pittsburgh Steelers' Mike Hilton a prized possession the team should invest in sooner rather than later.

The 2018 NFL Clutch Team

PFF Analyst Ben Linsey delivers the first PFF Clutch Team, highlighting the players who performed best in the fourth quarter of one-score games.

16 days ago
How Vegas projected win totals can influence fantasy potential

PFF Fantasy senior analyst Scott Barrett looks at how Vegas projected win totals can influence likely fantasy production in 2019.

16 days ago
The 100 best single-game grades of the PFF era

100 days away from the 100th NFL season, Pro Football Focus takes a look back through the history books and details the top-100 single-game grades of the PFF era.

18 days ago
The NFL's top offensive linemen in pure pass sets

PFF's Mike Johnson looks at the NFL's top pass-blockers in pure pass sets from a season ago.

20 days ago
Best draft-class WR by route, scheme fit with new NFL team

As a part of our partnership with ESPN, Senior Content Manager Cam Mellor looks at the rookie receivers' best routes and how they fit with their new NFL team.

23 days ago