Neil’s NFL Daily: July 3, 2013

As the NFL slumbers, PFF continues to churn - today Neil Hornsby's series on what we can expect from each team's best 22 covers the Bears and Panthers.

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Neil’s NFL Daily: July 3, 2013

Like a huge beast in hibernation the NFL slumbers, and every sports journalist tries their hand as a crime reporter thanks to Aaron Hernandez (and to a lesser extent Joe Lefeged and Josh Brent). This gives me (with no pretensions of becoming the next Dominick Dunne) the opportunity to continue my set of articles grading likely starters — this time for the Panthers and Bears.

For those new to the series and wanting to catch up, you can find the other teams covered to date with this handy set of links.

Charts by team:



Wednesday, July 3rd

Carolina Panthers (Click to enlarge)


— If Newton can continue his late-season surge from 2012 he may actually live up to some of the hype he’s already generated. The best running quarterback in the game needs to show his throwing consistency from Week 11 on wasn’t a fluke.

— Every offensive lineman other than Gross got the benefit of the doubt. Bell in particular needs to continue his improvement.

— Is Charles Godfrey the most overrated safety in football not named Michael Griffin?

— If this snapshot is correct, it would bear out Dave Gettleman’s view that he has the foundation of a pretty decent team.


Chicago Bears (Click to enlarge)


— While the O-line still has issues, it looks like a reasonable upgrade on last year.

— Bennett has the ability to be the best blocking tight end in football, let’s hope he doesn’t lose that in his desire to be a receiving star.

— With the loss of Brian Urlacher and Kelvin Hayden now playing slot corner, the underneath coverage looks pretty suspect.


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  • JaTerrance Dwayne Young

    Brandon Marshall should be a elite player

  • Myron

    Hayden isn’t that big of an issue since nickel D isn’t our base D. Marshall should be blue chip, and Forte should be HQ.

    • Kev

      Actually, he could be. The Bears play quite a bit of nickel, and they play it in the situations where passing coverage is sorta crucial.

  • Lorin

    How do we even know what packages the Bears line up in? They have a whole new coaching staff.

    • Chris B

      They base it off most-used sets from last year. Bears 3 WR sets were used 40% of the time, Nickel D 52% of the time. With a dozen different alignments, they had to start somewhere. this was the most logical way.

  • PantherMan

    Steve Smith is Elite.
    Jordan Gross is Average
    Nakamura will not even make the team or will be Special Teams only
    Hangartner is below average
    Davis will get more snaps in 2 LB looks than Beason.
    Godfrey was an awful SS, but looked much better after moving back to FS.
    Captain is below average as a CB but above average as a Nickel.

  • Brandon

    How is Brandon Marshall not Elite?

  • Michael Rushton

    As others here have said, if Brandon Marshall isn’t an “elite” WR than neither is Calvin Johnson. Also, Matt Forte is better than “above average”. He’s not “elite” but Tice’s underutilization of Forte last season wasn’t Forte’s fault.