Neil’s NFL Daily: July 24, 2013

Neil sets off on the 2013 version of his training camp tour. The Daily will serve as his check-in point throughout the trip.

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Neil’s NFL Daily: July 24, 2013

And so it begins (again).

This time last year I was flying to Phoenix to begin a trip that incorporated 14 camps and two preseason games. This time it’s scheduled for 18 camps and two preseason games starting tomorrow in Denver. As always, my most profound thanks go to Peter King for allowing me to join him – the price of having to wash his underwear on occasion is a relatively modest one.

Wednesday, July 24th

A map detailing the plan for the start of the tour (mostly completed by plane) is below and, as always, I’ll be communicating by Twitter with my usual handle, @PFF_Neil. If you are not following me already please do so as it’s a great chance to have some dialogue with you guys and understand what the burning questions are for you. I’ll try and answer as many as possible, but if things get a little hectic, I’m sure you’ll understand.

As usual I’ll be completing my NFL Daily as a log of all I see, and updating my starting depth charts with any changes I encounter. Two thing to note:

–  I’ll add a red color to the links to highlight charts amended from the previous day
–  I’ll add another notation by way of a purple background to position battles I see brewing


You can find the charts for each team here:



His fans will be delighted to know that due to my day traveling Khaled will be taking over the Daily tomorrow and will no doubt regale you with tales of what a lightweight I am for enjoying the flights and a game of baseball tonight rather than churning out a thousand words. He’ll be right of course.

Hopefully I’ll get to meet a few of you in transit.

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Neil’s camp tweet of the day – off and running… or, walking:







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  • Cory

    No stop in Oxnard?

    • PFF_Neil

      Unfortunately not. Would have loved to have gone but just couldn’t fit everything in.