Neil’s NFL Daily: July 13, 2013

Neil Hornsby delivers a special weekend edition of the Daily, entirely focused on assessing the projected starting line-ups of the NFL's New York duo.

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Neil’s NFL Daily: July 13, 2013

As promised, here’s a special weekend edition of the NFL Daily devoted to the city of New York. As I mentioned yesterday, the reason for this was to enable us to finish the series next Friday and then do some summaries on the Monday and Tuesday before I head off for my training camp tour on Wednesday, July 24th. The NFL Daily that day will probably be written in Heathrow Airport.

I just did a quick count, and before today I’d named 34 “elite” players, 18 on offense and 16 on defense, but after today we’ll be back to a 50-50 split — enjoy.

For those new to the series and wanting to catch up, you can find the other teams covered to date with this handy set of links.

Charts by team:



Saturday, July 13th

New York Giants (Click to enlarge)


— It’ll be interesting to see how the Giants actually line up in nickel. Will Tuck come inside and let Mathias Kiwanuka play DE? Probably on 3rd-and-long, but as a first down response to 11 personnel, I’m guessing at something closer to the above.

— Below average is perhaps a tad harsh on Webster who, up until last year, flirted with being one of the better corners in the league. The grade says I think he may be done, but I for one would love to see another great season from a guy who used to be a favorite of mine.

— When presented like this the back seven on defense doesn’t look great and a few players are going to have to step up if the Giants don’t want a lot of shoot-outs.


New York Jets (Click to enlarge)


— This is a very lop-sided roster, with some absolutely fabulous blue-chippers mixed in with a lot of sub-optimal players. I don’t think there’s another team in the NFL with this dichotomy of personnel.

— Watch out for the right side of the line if things work out as above. Both Peterman and Howard’s grades have been bolstered significantly because of good work as run blockers, but Peterman gave up 46 QB disruptions as a guard, the most in the NFL, while Howard gave up 20 Sanchez knockdowns, more than a third of the total.

— The grade for Holmes is generous based on pure delivery during his last few years, but I am factoring in the standard of quarterback play he’s had to endure.

— I’m sure there are a number of Jets fans questioning the grade for David Harris, but we’ve been telling people for years his reputation is based on numbers not delivery. He’s a clean-up guy that feasted off the magnificent group in front of him and now that is in decline even long-time Harris fans have to acknowledge he’s not what they thought. His last three overall grades have been -6.4 in ’10, -2.3 in ’11 and -15.2 last year.


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  • yy212

    no love for the train wreck…………..I mean the Jets. Sad to see an O-line that PFF ranked as 3rd last year fall so far so fast. Were the 2 they lost really that good?

    And while I have to agree with you that Sanchbutt will probably start, that is also sad to see!

    Well done on a tough team to grade, Neil, and it will be intersting to see if things fall the way you project.

  • IFarted

    Shitty analysis

  • Freedmad

    For the Giants, did you take a look at standard Nickel vs. the Big Nickel they run? In my mind Will Hill is much more of a starter than Jayron Hosely.

    Also, I think you are underrating Linval Joseph, who does great work against the rush and the pass, but got pushed around last year down the stretch because of the sheer number of snaps he played for a guy his size. I think he’ll definitely have a better year next year with what will inevitably be a better and deeper DT corps to spell him.

    • Freedmad

      However, I do think it was pretty good analysis overall for the Giants; Snee is on the decline, Williams has flashed but couldn’t get on the field last year, maybe a little low on Prince but he does need to make it through 16 and be more consistent. Considering the passer ratings against Hosely last year, I’m surprised he was even below average; and it is worth noting that Aaron Ross is currently ahead of him on the depth chart.

  • matr dontelli iii

    i don’t know that a receiver who shows alligator arms as often as cruz does can be considered high quality. sanchez’ play over the last two years may deserve its own category. like if someone is really, really bad, instead of poor they could be categorized as ‘sanchezian’. :-)

  • pbskids4000

    I know Antrel Rolle is overrated, but below average seems pretty harsh.

    • PFF_Pete

      2008 was the last season Rolle received a positive coverage grade from us. Hopefully the Giants keep him out of the slot this year, where he struggles.

  • Josh Knepshield

    I think Demario Davis is pretty good.