Nation’s best pass-rusher: Garrett or Bosa?

Both Myles Garrett and Joey Bosa graded nearly identically last year. Who will take the crown in 2015?

| 2 years ago
Joey Bosa

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Nation’s best pass-rusher: Garrett or Bosa?

Most great defenses have a star pass rusher, and there’s a star growing brighter by the day down in College Station. Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett started his 2015 season with a multiple-sack performance against the Arizona State Sun Devils, on the heels of an outstanding 2014 season.

A year ago Garrett had just one negatively graded game as a pass-rusher, racking up 11 sacks, nine hits and 45 hurries along the way. It’s scary to think that he still has room to grow, and that should terrify opposing offenses in the SEC and throughout the nation. However — is he the best pass-rusher in all of college football?

His biggest rival for that crown comes in the form of Ohio State’s edge rusher Joey Bosa. Like Garrett, Bosa had just one negatively graded game as a pass-rusher in 2014, as he produced 13 sacks, 16 hits and 46 hurries over the course of the season. Those raw numbers are higher than Garrett’s, but he did see more playing time, and they graded almost identically as pass-rushers last year.

One thing I’ll say for Bosa over Garrett is that Garrett had two huge performances against Rice and Louisiana Monroe, while Bosa was more consistently dominant throughout the season. Both are outstanding pass-rushers however, and once Bosa gets back on the field we’ll get to see who takes the title in 2015.

Which player gets your early vote? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Zach

    I’d be curious to see Garrett’s pass rush grade against AZ State. It seemed like he was getting to the QB every time he rushed