MIA-WAS grades: Bad day for QB Ryan Tannehill

While Tannehill struggled for the Dolphins, Redskins QB Kirk Cousins graded as a top performer in the Week 1 matchup.

| 2 years ago
(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

(AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

MIA-WAS grades: Bad day for QB Ryan Tannehill

Here are the top takeaways and highest-graded players from the MIA-WAS game:

Washington Redskins

– Jason Hatcher (+4.2) was a dominant force in Washington’s defensive line and was able to take advantage of the Miami offensive line’s weaknesses. Hatcher earned the highest pass rushing grade in the game (+2.6) as he recorded two pressures, a sack and even batted down a pass. He also earned the best grade on his team stopping the run (+1.5) as he picked up three run stops.

-The Dolphins’ underneath routes made life difficult for linebacker Keenan Robinson (-2.0) who struggled in coverage. He was targeted six times and allowed five receptions to five different receivers for 69 yards and a QB rating of 114.6, earning him a coverage grade of -2.8, the lowest for any player in the game.

-Tight end Jordan Reed (+0.7) received a heavy workload in the absence of DeSean Jackson (injured after 13 snaps) and was targeted a team-high 11 times. His seven receptions came against seven different defenders and while some went for short yardage on underneath routes, when all was said and done, he picked up 63 yards, of which 22 came after the catch.

Top performers:

RE Jason Hatcher (+4.2)

LG Shawn Lauvao (+2.7)

LT Trent Williams (+2.5)

FB Darrel Young (+2.1)

QB Kirk Cousins and SS Duke Ihenacho (both +1.5)

Miami Dolphins

– Although the Miami Dolphins made defensive tackle Ndamokung Suh the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history, Suh (-0.1) did not stand out in his first game as a Dolphin. Despite playing 67 snaps, the former Detroit Lion failed to pick up a single pressure or run stop and actually finished with a slightly negative grade in both facets of the game. This was only the first game of the season, however it may be worrying that Suh had a lower grade in only two games in 2014 than the -0.1 he recorded yesterday.

– Unlike Suh, CB Brent Grimes (+2.6) managed to impress in the first game of 2015. Grimes intercepted a pass and allowed only two catches and 22 yards on the five occasions he was targeted, which resulted in Kirk Cousins having a QB rating of 14.2 when targeting Grimes. In addition, Grimes recorded a run stop and was able to create pressure on his sole pass rushing snap.

– While the box score may tell that quarterback Ryan Tannehill (-2.7) had a solid game, it was not the case. He had decent success towards the right side of the field, but out of the five passes he threw outside the left numbers two should have been picked off, and one could have been a pick-six. On one of these throws he failed to recognize underneath coverage and threw it right to the linebacker, while on the other he was late to throw a comeback route to Greg Jennings.

Top performers:

CB Brent Grimes (+2.6)

SS Reshad Jones and LB Koa Misi (both +2.4)

RT Ja’Wuan James (+2.2)

WR Jarvis Landry (+1.9)

  • Farley F Waters

    : so sad.. How did you rate Andrew Luck?

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  • Matt

    I don’t understand how Kirk Cousins graded positively. Their offense was limited by him and he threw one bad interception that was his fault.

  • Samuel Myers

    When your running game is effective (very effective), your defense keeps you in the game, and you score only 10 points the majority of the blame should (barring some exceptionally bad luck) go to the QB. I don’t doubt that Cousins was better than his stat line, and perhaps better than the outcome produced by his offense (which is still, fair or not, fundamentally his responsibility as the team’s QB), but I don’t see how he could be given a fairly high — especially for a QB in PFF’s system — positive grade. There is no better resource for player-by-player performance review and I am generally a believer, but if Cousins was, by your measurements, that far above average last Sunday, then it’s fair to say there are some kinks to work out in the grading. It’s possible that there is some detailed explanation we are all missing out on, but I think any time the traditional measures of QB performance (YPA, TD-INT ratio, traditional QB rating, QBR, total points scored, win/loss) all seem to point firmly to one assessment, and your (PFF) rating system points to a dramatically different conclusion, the readership is owed an explanation of some kind; something more than an easily overlooked footnote.

    I would like to see something written that validates this rating. It’s too divergent from what the eye and the stat sheet and the result would indicate.

    • Matt

      Yes. He barely pushed the ball downfield and squandered a 160 yard rushing performance from his running backs.

    • Dan Flaherty

      Terrific comment, and I agree. I want to stress that I also agree with the part about being generally a believer in the PFF system and I give the grades a huge benefit of the doubt. But while I don’t think Cousins was bad, they did only score 10 points with the help of a running game, reasonable protection and a lot of possession time. The penalties definitely hurt, but it’s tough to see how this translates into a positive grade. I’m very open to the fact I’m probably missing something, but would like to know what it is.

  • Dan Flaherty

    I’m curious as to why the Redskins’ offensive line graded out so poorly. There was consistent room for Alfred Morris to run and the pass protection was reasonably good throughout the day. I’m not saying they brought back memories of the Gibbs-era Hogs, but it was much better than last year.

    • Greg Myers

      The left side graded positive. Watch again and you’ll see almost all of the big runs went that way.

    • bbies1973

      Morris had room to run despite poor individual line men’s performances, because the Dolphins defensive front was too aggressive and the coordination of the offense and the play designs took advantage of that. When half of the defense is already past the RB when he is handed the ball, there is plenty of room between them to run.
      The linemen got exposed, but the team effort and coordination was successful.

  • corners

    Im surprised misi is rated as high as jones. He seemed to disappear after the 1st quarter.

    Didnt couisons have 1 td and 2 ints? How is that a decent game? Only reason they stayed in this game was because of their rb thrashing the phins.

  • Patrick Mitchell

    Why are the grades listed not matching up with the overall grades I’m seeing on the game grades?