Media Relations

FSTA Names PFF Best News and Analysis For An Unprecedented Third Year In A Row & FSWA Selects Jeff Ratcliffe For Best Fantasy Radio Show.

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Pro Football Focus has always set out to provide every media outlet with the most unique and thought-provoking data, information and analysis possible. We would love to provide you premium data throughout the year, in addition to other media services.

Interested in receiving weekly stats-driven headlines for a specific NFL market?

PFF will assign you a media correspondent that will deliver a list of bullets that can be utilized in the content that your provide to your audience.

Looking for access to 11 years worth of NFL Data?

Dive deep into the numbers of every player of every team and get the inside scoop on a team’s weekly performance.

Need a guest to fill a segment in your show?

We have a team of analysts ready to join any radio, podcast or TV Sports talk shows to discuss data around Pro, College and Fantasy.

Have a random stat request around a specific player or team?

We’re happy to do the leg work and help find the data around a specific player or team.

For all media requests, please contact:

Geoff Beers
Director of Consumer Marketing