Matchups Machine – Week 15

Dan Schneier looks into Pro Football Focus' unique stats and grades to pinpoint the best matchups at each position.

| 3 years ago
Maclin Patrick Peterson

Matchups Machine – Week 15

Maclin Patrick PetersonThe Matchup Machine has returned. This season, I’ve got more data and more tools at my disposal—the hope is that this will lead to even more accurate predictions.

For those who missed it last season, I will look into all of the different matchups in fantasy football including quarterbacks, wide receivers and tight ends in an attempt to pick the overall best and worst matchups of the week. Fortunately, PFF has all the tools to break down each individual matchup. Want to know how your wide receiver is going to do? Well if he lines up as a split end on 90% of his snaps, we can pinpoint which cornerback he will be matching up with for those snaps.

Of course, as was the case last season, this column will become more accurate as the season goes on and we compile more grades for the players and get a feel for tendencies and overall strengths/weaknesses of the 32 teams.

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Dan Schneier is a staff writer at PFF Fantasy and he also writes about real football for FOX Sports. You can find him on Twitter @DanSchneierNFL.  You can also add him to your network on Google+ to find all of his past material.

Dan Schneier is a staff writer for PFF Fantasy, a former FOX Sports NFL scribe, and an auction format enthusiast.

  • Andrew L

    Latavius Murray, Jeremy HIll, or Mark Ingram in PPR?

    • Dan Schneier

      @Andrew L That’s a very tough call. I would go with Murray if you want a high CEILING (do you think the matchup will be titled in his favor and you need a boom game?), I would roll with Hill if you want a high FLOOR (he should get a lot of touches and he’s a talented back), I would not go with Ingram.

    • Matt Skains

      Hill, Murray then Ingram if you just need stable points.

      Murray if you need a HR to win. Dan’s right – Murray’s the one most likely to get a ton of work.